Will Your List Succeed or Fail?

by Dennis Pickering

The key to the success of any new product or service is response. Every time your promotional offer is seen it will generate a response from the viewer. But getting it seen is the key. Marketing experts maintain that any promotional offer must be seen a minimum of 6 times by someone before they will respond to it.

Our mind works in funny ways. When our eyes see something, a message is sent along our nervous system to our brain where it is processed. Depending on how the brain perceives the message received determines the response. When we touch something hot or hear the word fire, an immediate response is needed or we might get seriously burned.

Certain words can cause an immediate response, depending upon our perception of those words. Words like; Act Now, Clearance Sale, One of A Kind, Store Closing implies a need for haste.

If we see the word or phrase over and over again we are more apt to take action. However that action will generally be to explore the offer to get more information.

However, certain words can compel us to act immediately. We are more apt to act in a positive way when we see a benefit for us at no cost or risk. Words that generate this action might be; FREE, two for the price of one, Win a trip, Your spouse will love you for it, etc. Words of mystery can also generate an immediate favorable response; Such as 10 things you don't want your loved ones to know, What the IRS knows about YOU, 5 steps to achieving success, etc.

When writing ads we want to write our ads so that they are noticed that they will stand out from the hundreds of similar ads and in such a way that the reader will want to take immediate action. Of these phrases which would cause you to take an immediate action?

XYZ product gets results with prolonged use. Or XYZ product gets results fast!

Most people will respond quicker to the second ad. So when you are writing your ads you too will want to stress the benefits of using your product or service and then get the reader to act. Giving them an incentive to respond now. Incentives can take on the form of a FREE e-book, Free Article, discount coupon, or something, which the reader will view of as having a value to him. Once you make the offer be ready to provide the benefit immediately. You can do this by using an auto-responder. Once this is accomplished follow up relentlessly until you get the action you desire.

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Denis Pickering has been involved in Internet marketing, publishing since 1999. He is currently involved in helping others to build their online businesses. You can subscribe to his newsletter; Dreamzines Listbuilder at list_builder@mail.com.

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