Another Checklist! New Airplane Purchase

by Pat Redmond

Yes, pilots love checklists! Here's one more to help you through the purchase of a new aircraft.

  1. Choose the right airplane: Find a reputable aircraft dealer preferably through a referral or recommendation.
  2. Secure Airplane with Dealer: This usually requires a signed purchase agreement as well as a deposit.
  3. Determine Timing: Target delivery date and work backwards from there.
  4. Aircraft Financing: Complete application and gather required financial information for the aircraft finance company.
  5. Structure your Purchasing Entity: Use the experts for this one and structure a entity that will take advantage of any tax benefits you're entitled to.
  6. Aircraft Insurance: Contact an Aviation Insurance Agent and provide the required information needed to obtain quotes.
  7. Schedule Delivery Date
  8. Make travel arrangements
  9. Enjoy Delivery Day!
  10. Schedule your routine maintenance with a reputable service station. Get to know your mechanic and let him/her get to know your airplane.

Most importantly, FLY YOUR AIRPLANE! Enjoy your investment and your new lifestyle!

For detailed information on each of these steps, sign up for the "Aircraft Purchase Wizard" a 10 day e-mail course with a new step delivered to your inbox each day with tips, links and ideas to make your purchase simple!


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