Write Your Way To Online Success By Producing Information 
Rich Articles For The Hungry Internet Market

by BB Lee ©2001

"There's Gold In Them There...Articles"

Writing Information packed articles is a great way to promote your Online business. Why? thousands across the World Wide Web will read your published information. This is an excellent marketing strategy and great exposure for your Online business.

In fact, think of writing articles as a hidden Advertising Gold Mine for your Online business. It's your job to mine for golden nuggets and deliver those gems of wisdom to eager, information hungry, readers.

I know what you're thinking! "I can't write articles. I'm not a writer!" Forget About It! You're not trying to win the Pulitzer!

Your task is to write an information packed article on a hot Internet topic. A topic that you know about personally, or have resources to find the necessary information.

Forget everything your English teacher taught you for the moment. Why? Because you will freeze behind your keys if you are worried about spelling errors, syntax, and grammar. This will stop the creative side of your brain from working because the intellectual side is busy analyzing each word.

So get busy! You learn to write by writing. Online you must produce copy fast. Keep your writing short and to the point. Internet readers are in a hurry.

Here's my formula:

  1. Articles need a title. Open your text editor. Type your title. The title may change over the course of writing the article. But, this is normal.
  2. Next, your lead or introduction paragraph. Start with an amazing statistic, a shocking fact, a problem that needs to be solved.
  3. Next, the body of the article. Focus in depth on the problem stated in the introduction and list ways to solve it. Write down the points you will cover. Devote a paragraph to each point. The body can be as long or short as you wish.
  4. The ending or conclusion. End with a quote, an important fact, or simply stop.


-Write in a conversational tone.
-Focus on answering what you think people would like to know.
-Research Online, use magazines, books, or ask friends for feedback.
-Include resources.
-Always spell check.
-Keep sentences short and to the point.
-Use the short word over the long word.
-Use white space. (Makes it more readable)
-Place a resource box with your "sig" at the end of article.
-Submit to Article Directories and get to work on another piece.

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