How To Easily Get 150 New Visitors a Week With Free Internet Advertising

by Jeffrey D. Jordan

Sounds good doesn't it? 150 warm, potential customers visiting your website each week...and you didn't have to pay 1 cent out of your pocket. The best thing of all is that you can easily repeat this free internet advertising technique over and over again...generating 100, 300, 600 or more free visitors.

If you are in public relations, advertising, or marketing I can almost guarantee that you have heard of this technique and you may even use it.

A single person in the largest corporation can apply this marketing technique. But, unfortunately the majority of businesses under utilized this technique. This is tried and true. Do you know what it is?

Write and publish articles!

Yep... write something that people want to read and everyone will reap the rewards. Your main objective must be to provide valuable information that will draw visitors and enhance your credibility in their eyes. If you don't accomplish this, the rest won't really matter.

So your article should be a high quality, informative article, relevant and beneficial to your potential customer audience. Your title should draw your audience's attention and peak their interest to read the article.

But it doesn't just end with publishing your article to your own newsletter. You really want to spread it around... far and wide.

What will help you spread your article around the Internet?

  1. Posting to Search Engines
  2. Get Published in Ezines
  3. Get Published on Websites
  4. Provide Free Articles To Use From Your Website

So how do you do the above? What results can you expect?

Here is my most recent real life example.

Twice a month I publish an email newsletter which always has at least one article that I write. In this case the article was called "5 Simple Tips You Can Use in Ten Minutes to Boost Your Website Sales" which was publish on 11/16/02. I also post the article on my website as well as make the article retrievable via an autoresponder. You can see a copy of the article at

First prepare your article to be search engine friendly. You can do this by writing your article around a target keyword phase. But remember your first priority is to write an article your audience will want to read. You can find keyword phases that will produce the best results by using overture keyword suggestion tool (free) or a better service is word tracker (limited free or paid) services to help with your research. You can use wordtrackers free service at

I have to admit I don't always search for a keyword phase to target and then write the article. In many cases I will be writing an article around a topic that I am researching, a timely topic, or based on requests from readers. However, you will get better search engine results if it uses a keyword phrase that has a high search frequency vs. the available websites or web pages on that topic.

Make your article free for others to use. On your web page include text to the effect "FREE CONTENT - You can use this article for your eZine, Website, or other online publication as long as you use the article in full, unaltered, and include the resource box".

Next make sure to include your Meta Tags in your web page (Title, Description, Keywords and Author). This will help the search engines index your document and make it more user friendly when it appears in a search. A helpful free meta tag analyzer is available at

Once you have completed the above. Publish your article to your website. Then submit it to the major search engines. I usually use a combination of free submission services and direct postings to cover all of the bases. You submit your website free to ten top search engines at

The second part of your distribution strategy is to get the article into the hands of as many article directories and announcement lists as possible. Both ezine publishers and website owners who are looking for informative articles regularly use these services to find free content. These directories have free to use articles from many different writers on a variety of topics. Normally I will post the article to 37 directories and announcement lists.

This can take a long to if done manually. What I use to cut the time down to a few minutes is Ezine Announcers you can find out more at .

The third part of your distribution strategy is to send your articles to the editors of relevant ezines and websites. You can find complementary ezines by using search engines and/or using research tools like alexa. Once you have your list send a personalized letter to the editor of each ezine with your article attached.

If you follow these step you will be employing one of the best free internet advertising method available. When used effectively you can expect more visitors, increase your credibility, increase your sites link popularity and make more sales!

What were the results from "5 Simple Tips You Can Use in Ten Minutes to Boost Your Website Sales"? On 11/18/02 I posted the article to the search engines and article directories. Then from 11/25 to 12/10 I received 478 visitors from this article and I am still getting around 20 visitors a day.

Not bad for a couple of hours of work. Yes... I know... it is work to write an article, but even if you are paying for advertising you still need to write ad copy. So instead of writing ad copy, write something useful that your prospects and customers will enjoy. Then you can get your advertising for free. Best of all you can do this over and over and over.

If you haven't tried writing an article, give it a try and put the power of the free Internet advertising to work spreading your name far and wide.

About the Author

Jeffrey Jordan has 20 years experience enhancing profits of small businesses to Fortune 500. Subscribe free to Net Marketing Results at

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