Does Your Autoresponder Pass These Six Critical Tests?

by Andrew Conway

Now that you spent time and money on creating your website, you know that the most successful marketers online tell you that you need to build an in house mailing list. You want people to subscribe to your mailing list by offering something of value. Maybe a FREE e-book with valuable information. So why is it then that some people sabotage their own success before they even get started by using the wrong autoresponder? Ask yourself these six extremely important questions before you decide on which one to use!

  1. Are you using a free autoresponder right now to save a few dollars? If your answer is yes, forget it. You are dead in the water before you even get started. Free autoresponders may seem like a good idea, but put yourself in the shoes of the people receiving your offers. There is usually another ad at top of your response for another offer. Not only is this distracting, your potential future customer might just click away, never to be heard of again!
  2. Once you sign up for an autoresponder for your first project, do you have to pay extra for more responders? If you answer yes again, then you are with the wrong company! Some companies lure you in with an inexpensive offer for your first autoresponder knowing that eventually, you might need another one. Always check to see if they have Unlimited Autoresponders included in their deal!
  3. How many customers do they serve and how long have they been in business? You have to remember that an autoresponder is one of the most important tools in your program. Make sure that the company you deal with is reliable and that they have Toll Free Support! Don't be afraid to ask for recommendations. Credibility is crucial!
  4. How effective is their delivery system? By this I mean is your message even going to be delivered, or is it going to be blocked by anti-spam software and filters. Sending out messages that can't overcome these features isn't going to do you any good.
  5. Another very important question often overlooked is "How long does it take your reply to get back to your potential customer"?. It better be near instantaneous. I have personally inquired about different programs after submitting my name and e-mail address and by the time I received a reply, I had almost forgotten what type of information I had sent away for. This raises reliably questions about the kind of people I might be dealing with!
  6. An often overlooked question is "Does your autoresponder have the ability to answer in text and/or html along with sending a personalized message? Just think about this for a minute. When you open your own e-mail, would you rather see "Hello Friend" or 'Hello with your first name!

Now that you've seen that not all autoresponders are equal, you have to remember to check out not only the price, but also the features and reliabilities of the system you choose. Like my father used to say" Don't try and shortcut any project today trying to save a dollar, because in the long run you'll end up spending two dollars just to fix your first project"!

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