Tips on Avoiding Scams

by Anna-Marie Stewart Venton

One thing I think we ALL agree on: There are way too many scams out there. Both online and off. Things like:

Email from a "millionaire who needs help transferring large sums of money" This is one of the most popular scams online today.

How about the "You've won the lottery!!" mails? You know that unless you've bought a ticket, or registered for the lottery in question, you haven't really won a thing. Prepare to be scammed!

Oh, and the "Free Credit Report" mails, did you know that they're usually just someone looking to get your SSN number, or some of them even bill you for using their "free" service later?

Watch out for the E-gold and Paypal scams, where someone sends you a mail telling you that you HAVE to login, or risk losing everything. Both E-gold and Paypal have strict email policies, and neither of them would EVER ask for your login info with an email.

Then there's "You've won a free gift". How many of those do you get per week? All you have to do is pay s&h, right? Well, that means it isn't really free, doesn't it? You know what they get when you claim that free gift? Usually your credit card number, or even your email address/phone number which can then be sold on as "leads".

I've put together a bunch of links that can hopefully help you with safely marketing online, without getting scammed.

Minimize Credit Card Fraud

Museum of Scams and Frauds (I really love this one)

Great list of online and offline scams

A forum for discussing get paid programs. Good, Bad and Scams

List of scams with a touch of humour

What if you've already been scammed? Complain! Don't just leave it. You won't help yourself, nor others if you just leave it. Even if you don't get your money back, you'll be doing your bit to stop these scams and fraudsters, ultimately helping others to avoid them.

Been scammed? File a report!

A joint project of consumer protection agencies from 17 nations

How to complain (UK)

In ending:

There's just so much hype out there, and it's easy to get "sucked in". We all want to believe that we can actually make the promised 10's of thousands of dollars within just a couple of weeks.

In reality, things like that just don't happen. The only person who can possibly, if at all, make that amount of money, is the program owner. At YOUR cost. Always remember, if it looks unbelievable, it probably is.

No matter what you market online, always do your homework before signing up for anything. It's REALLY important to do a lot of research before you decide to pay out any money.

Don't rely on just a couple of sources for information, find as many as you can. Check out lists and forums, see if they've got anything to say about the program/product you're considering.

Ask all your friends and contacts if they've heard anything, good or bad. Go to marketing chatrooms, see what people there have to say about it. Ask about everything you need answers to regarding the product/program. You'll be surprised at the amount of information you can get.

Get in touch with the owners, ask questions. If they're elusive, or don't answer you at all, then my advice would be to steer clear.

Above all: Never EVER use money you can't afford to lose.

Anna-Marie Stewart Venton

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