10 Secrets For Making Money Selling Big Mails

An easy way to earn money in mail order is by selling "Big Mails". This consists of a packet of your own circulars, plus an assortment of mail order publications. To begin, you must place ads in these magazines and newspapers to become a "co-publisher", agreeing to mail a certain number of copies of each issue - which are generally free. Here are some of the ways you can earn by selling Big Mails:

Run ads saying:

BIG MAIL - 50 cents! Hundreds of $-making, $-saving offers! (your name and address)

When orders arrive, stuff envelopes with as many mail order publications as possible. Also include your own circulars. Save postage by mailing 3rd class "Bulk Rate", Here's how you will cash in:

1. You earn from orders from your circulars included with the Big Mails.

2. You earn from orders from your ads in the mail publications.

3. You collect 50% commission from ad orders you receive.

4. You collect 50% commission from all subscriptions you receive.

5. You collect 50% commission from all listings you sell.

6. By collecting the names of those ordering your Big Mails, you can sell them as "opportunity seekers",

7. Many publications will design and typeset your ads free. You save by using these small ads in publications that charge for this service.

9. By running ads like the one below, you pocket commissions from circulars other dealers provide you free of charge:

BIG MAIL - 50 cents! Commission circulars paying 50% mailed free! (your name and address)

9. By running ads like the one below, you get paid to mail circulars for other mail order dealers:

PROFESSIONAL CIRCULAR MAILING! We mail 500 per week to fresh, responsive names. per 100: 3 x6, 75 cents; 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, $1.00; 8 1/2 x 11, $1.50. Commission circulars paying 50% or more mailed FREE! (your name and address)

10. Run ads like those below. To fill orders for the ad at the right, you simply send the names offered in the ad at the left. When filling orders for both ads, be sure to include plenty of your own circulars.

RECEIVE 100'S OF BIG MAILS! Your FREE MAILING LIST! Fresh, hot prospects! Opportunity seekers eager for your best offers! Rush $1.00 NOW. (your name and address)

Read "How To Receive Over $235 Worth Of Big Mails FREE!" Tells how to get almost 25 pounds of big mails free for the asking, or just a few postage stamps! It's terrific offer! Send $2 to above Publisher or Fun Mates Press - FMS/05, P.O. Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101.

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