Where Is Bob Lazar Now That We Really Need Him?

The mineral wealth from a single asteroid, hundreds of thousands of which are floating through near and far space at any given second, could completely eliminate the U.S. national debt.

The lunar soil, which is 40% oxygen, will one day be processed into water, oxygen and hydrogen fuel for use on Earth, in the lunar colonies, and in Martian colonies and beyond.

Mining the moon, which is a potential bonanza, will be relatively easy once all the habitats and colonists are established. Even Martian colonies, duplicating those of the moon, will become self-supporting worlds, processing minerals and transporting them to Earth and, perhaps, to other colonized planets of this solar system.

Asteroids, some of which could measure five miles across, will be somewhat more of a problem. Because it would be impractical to overtake and mine a wandering asteroid (which may be traveling away from Earth), scientists and engineers have plans to capture these errant wanderers and attach huge "mass driver" engines to them.

After a journey of several months and millions of miles to several years and billions of miles, the asteroids would be inserted into near-Earth orbit. Teams of miners would then be shuttled to the asteroids (which would actually become tiny moons of this planet) in a matter of minutes or hours to work their six-month shifts.

It just so happens that the "mass drivers" will be anti-matter engines very much like those described by Robert azar in his remarkable video. Anti matter engines are the only known source of energy capable of moving the mass of asteroids and planetoids for prolonged periods of time (months or years and billions of miles).

According to the theory, 223 grams of element 115 should burn at peak efficiency for 20 to 30 years. That is an efficient engine! And just what the space industry needs to get colonists to the far fields of space or the asteroids to the near fields of Earth.

Unless someone has cornered the market on mass driver 115 engines, I believe I would, had I the technology, turn my efforts to forming a company to build them for the government or even for private enterprise; someone like Dupont, let's say, who will be queueing for position to stake claims to those asteroids.

I don't know what a 115 engine would sell for but it would be a lot more than a 60-minute video tape, that's for sure! Maybe Bob would like to form a company and sell stock among UFO enthusiasts to get it rolling.

Before you begin laughing, let's give it some serious thought. According to a fairly recent Gallup poll, about half the adults in America say they believe UFOs are real. If you could get one dollar from each of them, you would have about $50,000,000.00.

Now, that won't go very far these days when one is thinking of forming a company, but it might be impressive enough to persuade a bank to loan us more so we could begin manufacturing the engines that will take humankind to the stars.

Of course, there is always the old axiom that a bird in the hand (video tape) is worth two in the bush (115 engine). At least for the short run. The 115 engine is obviously being developed anyway at Groom Lake Area S4 in a vehicle that may or may not be shaped like an ovate ellipsoid, perhaps built and funded with your tax dollars, or, perhaps, back-engineered with your tax dollars.

Since we're paying for it anyhow, why not have control of it by owning the company that builds it?

Unless everything we see and hear from the government or from former government employees is just more smokescreen to divert attention from serious UFO research; unless the whole concept of the 115 Anti-Matter engine is a lie, there would be no reason why a private company could not and should not develop and build it.

Because most of us are uninterested in Chemistry or Physics we don't have current Periodic Tables. Mine is the table published in 1961 and lists only 103 elements, a few of which do not occur naturally and are listed parenthetically. Element 115 does not appear. A trip to the library or a call to UCSD will, of course, provide the information not only on the current table but projected uses for new elements as well.

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