Steps To Having A Decent Relationship With Your Boss

by Lissy Low

How to maintain a decent relationship with your boss:

  1. Make an attempt to understand his/her profile.
  2. Be open minded, stay confident and evaluate his/her actions objectively, no matter how hurtful the actions seem at that time.
  3. Always maintain a professional rather than a personal relationship with him/her.
  4. Listen to his/her instructions with your eyes wide open and offer alternate suggestions where appropriate.
  5. Be supportive of his/her positive decisions, and be confident and wise enough to stand up to inappropriate decision making.
  6. Keep communications line open between him/her and yourself.
  7. Be proactive and share your ideas to assist him/her in accomplishing the company's goals.
  8. Always treat yourself with respect and integrity and your boss will most likely treat you likewise.

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