The Secret Of Champions

by Frederick Zappone

People who are successful in life never quit, they never give up. They have their vision of what they want from life and like a powerful magnet they let their vision pull them forward. When obstacles and roadblocks show up in their life they notice them but never take their eyes off their vision of what they want. People who fail, in life, focus on the obstacles and roadblocks that come their way, until they become so large they are overwhelmed by them and allow them to stop them dead in their tracks.

If you focus on your vision of what you want out of life, it will inevitably come to pass. If you focus on the obstacles and roadblocks you encounter along the way, you will bury your vision underneath them and in the process bury a part of yourself.

Obstacles and roadblocks are not your adversaries; they are your "personal trainers". They are training you to be smarter, brighter and stronger than you ever thought possible. They are training you to develop more stamina and endurance so you will have what it takes to make your most heartfelt dreams come true. They are training you in becoming more focused on your vision of "what will be" rather than "what is or what was". They are training you to be the Champion that you know in your heart you are destined to be.

When most people hit obstacles and roadblocks they reduce the size of their dream. The problem with this approach is, if you keep reducing the size of your dream, pretty soon it will disappear from view and what you will be left with is nothing more than discouragement and regret.

When I hit an obstacle or roadblock, I persevere and make my dream larger. Every time I hit another obstacle, along the way, I increase the size of my dream once more. Eventually my dream becomes so large and so powerful that nothing or no one can stop my dream from manifesting itself into my physical reality. This attitude I use allows my word to become law in the Universe.

You may never be a champion in basketball like Michael Jordan, You may never be a champion in acting like Nicole Kidman but in your world, in what you do, you can be that Champion if you persevere and never, ever, give up. If you choose to eliminate failure as an option from your life, you will be blessed with health, happiness and prosperity far greater than you could possibly imagine during your loneliest and darkest hours. The choice is up to you.

© 2003 Frederick Zappone

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