Make Money Clipping Newspaper Articles
by John Grainger

Many organizations, businesses, and just individuals have a great interest in what is put in print about them. They constantly seek information as to their "public image". This widespread interest provides a good opportunity to operate a clipping business.

You will need access to many newspapers, local and perhaps national as your business grows. Go through each paper and clip out articles, photos, etc., which mention some person or business of local or national prominence. Keep an alphabetical file and accumulate clippings on the various individuals and enterprises.

When you have accumulated sufficient clippings, photos and other information, write to the individuals and firms advising them you have a collection of articles about them which you will send upon receipt of so much money per article, etc. Many of those you contact should order.

Also clip out research reports on various subjects which may be of interest to professional people.

Retail merchants are often interested in advertisements that are being used by their competitors, hoping to be able to dream up better or competing ads. They may also be interested in advertisements featuring different product lines to give them promotional and advertising ideas for their own products.

Information on marriages, divorces, births, deaths, new businesses, etc., are also of interest to many different kinds of organizations.

You can use the "Directory of Periodicals" at the library to get names of magazines and publishing companies when you have expanded to the point you can use clippings form national media.

Don't clip or send copyrighted materials. Clips from magazines are most always copyrighted. Newspaper articles are not usually copyrighted unless it has UP/AP or other codes (United Press... Associated Press, etc.). Syndicated features and cartoons are all copyrighted.

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