How to Get New Clients if You Are a Coach

by Susan Dunn

Do you need more clients? Have you considered promoting coaching? It is still not well known in the US, and the more the public knows about coaching, what coaches can do for them, and what they might use a coach for, the more likely they are to hire one. When you promote coaching, the person may not come to you, but someone might who heard about coaching from me. **YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING BUSINESS WILL INCREASE WHEN MORE PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT COACHING and everyone wins.

1. Put your business card in every bill, note and letter you mail, as a matter of course.

Make sure your card tells enough. Work with a marketing coach if need be. Drop one of your business cards in the bank canister when you return it, leave one on the concierge's desk, in the restaurant's fish bowl. Lay a few discretely on the counter in the ladies' room at the country club. Leave some around in the airport. Carry tacks with you so you can tack your business card on bulletin boards.

2. Make it your goal to strike up a conversation with one stranger a week and find a way to explain what coaching is.

Grocery line, waiting for a prescription, waiting for school to let out, at a sports event, at a museum, in the airport. Get creative. "Hmm, that Monet reminds me of coaching."

3. When a coaching client expresses satisfaction with your service, ask them to refer their friends, colleagues and relatives to you.

4. Alert the press in your area that you are available to be interviewed on coaching, and in your areas of expertise.

The editor of my town's business magazine hadn't heard of coaching one year ago.

5. Make it a point to tell one friend or colleague each week who's talking about a problem about the field of coaching.

HIM: "I know I could get a better job if I could just get focused." YOU: Well that's just what coaches do. Have you tried a coach?

Ask a friend, colleague, or relative to mention you, and coaching, when they hear others talking about problems, challenges, etc.

6. Ask each of your friends, colleagues and relatives to take 15 of your business cards and disperse them.

7. Next time someone complains to you about someone, suggest they refer that person to you for coaching!

8. Talk to the professionals in your life about coaching. They see lots of people in a day.

When you visit the dentist or pediatrician, let them know there are coaches who market professionals, help them grow their practices, make more money, get more clients, and get better organized.

At the same time, suggest referring. Victims of breast cancer do better statistically and survive longer when they're in a support group. Coaching is support. Do the psychiatrists and psychologists in your town know that coaches help with compliance? Do they know coaches have opportunity to refer clients for mental health services? Are there services they'd like to refer for, such as their ADD clients?

9. Whenever you talk with someone who deals with a lot of people (college professor, manager, business owner) they'll talk about their problems with these people and the work. Suggest coaching!

Mention coaching every time you complain. "Your salesperson was rude to me and coaching can correct that so you don't lose customers and make more money. Can I give you the name of a business coach?

10. When you hear someone talking about a practical skill they'd like to master, suggest coaching.

There is now a cooking coach, a responsible recovery coach, a coach for expats in Bermuda, a fathering coach, a retirement coach, a coach for women with bipolar disorder, an introverts coach, a breast cancer recovery coach, a tantric coach, and a smoking cessation coach.

If you aren't sure there is a coach for that (yet), say, "I bet there's a coach for that!" Take their card or email address and offer to look it up for them and let them know. Many people do not know how to use search engines and/or may forget to do it. When you get back to your office, look it up on the Internet. For instance, I just entered "bipolar+coach" on a lark, and yes, there is one!

P.S. And tell coaching success stories!

Susan Dunn, MA, The EQ Coach, . I offer coaching, distance learning courses, and ebooks around emotional intelligence. Free ezine, Daily tips, send blank email to . I train and certify EQ coaches. Get in this field, dubbed "white hot" by the press, now, before it's crowded, and offer your clients something of real value. Start tomorrow, no residence requirement, global student body. Email for prospectus. Business programs - .

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