Create a Content-Rich Site and Increase Affiliate Sales

by Janiece Smith

Everyone wants more visitors to their site and everyone needs to generate increased clickthroughs to boost affiliate sales. But before you can expect to accomplish these goals, you have to do one important thing: create a content-rich site.

Without a content-rich site, you greatly reduce the chance of keeping visitors on your site long enough to get to your affiliate links. Thus, it is essential to develop a site with valuable information that visitors can use. By providing content that informs visitors, you ensure that they are already satisfied with your site before they arrive at your affiliates' sites.

Rank High on Search Engines

Content-rich sites will ensure that you rank well on search engines. The more information you include on a given topic, the better chance you have of ranking higher with search engines. Be sure to include relevant keywords on your content pages. While search engines typically match text to potential visitor's keywords, many also review sites for the quality of information and the relevance of links.

Add Content to Your Site

Most visitors who stumble onto your site are there because they want information that you presumably provide. By adding information-laden content to your site, you ensure that visitors find what they need. Visitors who arrive at your site only to find an advertisement will quickly leave. And those who leave surely won't make their way to your affiliates' pages. And you know what that means: no sales!

How you refer visitors to another site makes the difference between a high level and a low level of click-throughs. So, after you apply appropriate keywords that draw visitors to your site and provide them with the content they were looking for, how do you get them to your affiliates' sites?

Incorporate In-Text Links

To increase the rate of visitors who become buyers, you have to successfully move them from your site to your affiliates' sites. The most effective way to do this is with in-text links. In-text links work well because readers are already interested in the content and logically will move to another site to read more on the same topic. A higher quantity of relevant in-text links may also boost your ranking with many search engines.

Conversely, banner ads can work to distract the visitor. Some studies have shown that many Web users avoid anything that looks like a banner altogether. When using both banner ads and in-text links, be sure to promote your best products using in-text links. While well-placed, tasteful banners can be valuable sales tools, blinking and flashing banner ads can distract visitors and even force some off your site.

Consider the following techniques when incorporating in-text links:

By drafting content and including links that pertain to the topic, visitors who click-through will find topic-related materials. Visitors who feel they are learning new information are more receptive to purchasing than those who feel they are being sold to from the minute they arrive at your site.

When writing about a giving topic, endorse products that relate to that specific content. If, for example, you are talking about the benefits of at-home, part-time work, provide links to other sites that include useful information about transitioning from full-time to at-home, part-time work as well as links to affiliate sites.

Set off your affiliate links with headings that will grab your readers and entice them to visit your affiliates' sites, for example:

By setting apart your affiliate links and telling your readers what to expect on your affiliates' sites, you ensure that visitors won't feel tricked when they click-through. You told them what they wanted to know, you showed them where they could obtain more information, and you pointed them in the right direction. And what does this lead to? Increased affiliate sales!

Don't waste any more time and risk losing valuable click-through sales. Review your site content and consider how you can better tailor your information to your affiliates' products today.

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