29 Ways To Make Money In Cooking And Baking

1. Operate a potato chip shop in a busy location

2. Operate a French type hot dog stand

3. Sell popcorn coated with 20 different flavors

4. Offer a casserole delivery service

5. Run a take-out food store with a new specialty

6. Run a homemakers' cooperative, selling assorted edibles

7. Supply restaurants with your own specialty

8. Operate a home-cooked meal delivery service

9. Operate a box-lunch service for offices

10. Cater hor d'oeuvres for special occasions

11. Operate health food cafeterias in schools

12. Cater exotic desserts

13. Make wedding cakes

14. Operate a homemade soup shop

15. Bake cookies

16. Sell homemade pastries or any other delicacy you are good at baking

17. Run a fruitcake business

18. Bake and sell traditional goodies for festive occasions of the year

19. Specialize in the candy apple business

20. Sell crepes suzettes and/or American-style pancakes in a busy location

21. Merchandise Christmas candied fruits

22. Run a homemade candy stand

23. Operate a frystick snack shop

24. Merchandise maple syrup

25. Manufacture new and uniquely-flavored cough drops

26. Sell home-canned goods

27. Dehydrate surplus produce

28. Produce and bottle fresh juice and sell to restaurants

29. Make lollipops of all shapes and sizes

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