Copy Cat Marketing
by Mitch Simmons

Don't be ashamed to be a "Copycat". Most everything that is worthwhile today is an approximate copy of something that came before it.

Examine the sales materials of your competitors and notice what is selling for them, then copy it. There is nothing illegal about this. If something is selling for the other guy, then that same "something" should sell just as well for you, all other factors being equal. However you must recognize that when too may people try to sell the same product, using the same advertising tactics, etc., a vicious competitive circle often develops. Therefore you should vary your programs just enough so that you are not locked into such a situation.

When you examine the program or product of your competitor, pay particular attention to any weaknesses, then when you "copy" it you can make yours superior.

What your are really doing is copying a successful idea and making your product or service better than the original put out by your competitor.

Since most people will not necessarily switch from one product to another unless they have a good reason, such as price or quality, they will purchase your product only when they think it is better priced or is superior. By making a small change in the right direction in your "Copy" you can capture the market.

So remember both sides of the "Copycat" equation... find out what others are selling successfully and how they are accomplishing it, then be slightly different in compiling and selling your own products or programs. If you can convince people that you are the exclusive source for a particular product or piece of information, they will be looking toward you, not your competitor.

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