$5,000/Week Selling Coupon Book Advertising Spots
by Jose Rosé

Everybody loves Santa Claus because he gives away presents. By giving away these special presents, you will be warmly regarded as the Santa Claus of the advertising world, and at the same time you are earning thousands of dollars for yourself.

The special presents we have in mind are the popular discount coupon books that save people money at restaurants, hotels, theaters, bookstores, dry-cleaning establishments and hundreds of other retail establishments that rely on the general public for revenues.

For you, these coupon books mean a healthy income with little or no investment. Funding these giveaways items comes from up front money provided by the advertisers themselves.

By charging the advertiser for inclusion in the coupon book at prices as high as $600 per coupon, you can gross thousands of dollars. The more coupons or advertisers, the more money you make, and and you may have fifty, one hundred or even more coupons in the book.

These coupon books are a form of direct response advertising that encourages the public to move quickly. Firms that cater to the needs of the public are always looking to expand their customer base, but advertisers like the coupon approach because it allows them to control the timing of the discount deal they offer to potential customers. These might be two-for-one deals, straight discounts, or a bonus with every purchase.

You work with the advertiser to put the coupon together. The coupon doesn't have to be fancy; it does have to spell out the advertiser's deals simply and clearly. It should carry the address and phone number of the business, as well as a small map, if necessary. After preliminary approval of the design, you handle the final design, printing and distribution.

The appeal to advertisers is that they can reach many more potential customers at lower cost than they could if they handled the direct response advertising themselves. Put together a short contract that sets out what you will deliver to the advertiser, and a payment schedule. Typically, you should receive about one-third of the fee up front, one-third when you deliver the final coupon design for signature approval, and the balance when the coupon is ready.

If the idea of making money from a product that you can give away appeals to you, you will find this business rewarding in many ways.

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