How to build up your own Creative Power

by Fernando Soave

Here are some ways that have been found helpful to build the creative power of creative thinkers throughout the centuries.

1. Associate with children in some of your spare time.

Children will give you a new way of looking at things because they take nothing for granted. Every problem they give you from "Why the sky is blue" to "why can't pens have erasers, just like pencils ?" will give you practice in exercising your imagination. If you have children of your own, play with them. Listen to their conversation.

2. Watch for deficiencies in everything that need remedying.

The ability to see what needs to be done is the first step in finding solutions for a particular problem.

3. Expose yourself to new sights and sounds.

Travel to strange places in your town. Try new restaurants. Travel to a new place on your vacation. We don't see too clearly what's closely by. No matter how many acres of diamonds there are around you in the shape of fruitfull ideas, you 'll probably have fresher thoughts if you go to a new place in town, or on a vacation to a strange town.

4. Always define and narrow your problem as much as you can.

If you break down a problem into many small specific component parts, it is easier to solve each small problem to arrive at the solution to the one big problem.

5. Gather facts about your problem.

Gathering facts sometimes uncovers the solution.

We want the mind to go off on strange, new paths. But it won't if we smother it with too many facts about conventional ways of doing things.


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