Desire, Discipline, and Dedication

by Pavel Lenshin

Somewhere I read an instructive speculation about exceptional role that dedication or perseverance as well as desire play in any self-made entrepreneur's life.

Indeed. There are many smart people out there with a diploma or even two, yet very few of them have reached their life goals. On the contrary, the dominating share of those outstanding people very often represent middle or even lower middle class, being teachers of some country school or low paid consultants. The same, if not more, is true with many unordinary talented people, who happened to lead a secluded life far from money and fame. Sadly to say, but those people of art are usually recognized after their death only.

So what character features are important to succeed if it is not for talent or education? What features many of those gifted people lack in their youth in order to prove their talent, become famous worldwide and be recognized during their lifetime, not after?

One can say money or some authority power. It is true, but partially. While a person, especially the one, who lives in authoritarian society can get almost anything s/he wants with the help of a bureaucratic and corrupted political power or substantial financial support, several objection exists. The first one is that power as well as money is not endless and eternal, and it is impossible to save a sinking (for any reason) boat with several dip-buckets forever. Secondly, the success achieved that way is more likely to be a gift that might have been given to any man or woman, but not a personal achievement, so, as we see, the crucial role here is not played by a third party support as well.

Some people truly believe it to be luck. Many times we have heard from those people something similar to: "it is not my day" or "just my luck!". They got used to blame everything and everybody, but themselves in the lack of fortune, instead of understanding the simple truth, that luck is what we think and do. Negative thoughts and disbelief accompanied with absence of desire to do anything will get "bad day" and "no luck" in 99 out of 100. On the other hand, positive thinking, i.e. strong will to reach the goal, dedication and persistent action will break any obstacle on the way you move. You may or may not happen to meet people, who will greatly assist you and it is a normal life flow, there is no direct mathematical order, but if you are left completely alone it is not a reason to complain of the luck or money absence, bad weather or horoscope.

From now on you know what is the answer for question about features of successful entrepreneur. In short it is desire, discipline & dedication in your strive to succeed. These 3Ds will make you or break you.

You may even fail in doing business for a number of reasons - wrong product, bad marketing plan, financial losses etc. - but still entrepreneur with a dedication to succeed will stand up and start a new venture, no matter how hard it will be. You may really fail when you stop moving ahead only. The rest is useless excuses. Skepticism and pessimism are unable to fetch you the life of your dreams. Success is achieved by systematic active deeds that are offsprings of strong desire, dedication and discipline.

Very few people are eligible to run offline business, having endless enthusiasm and blind dedication. The majority of us don't have required features, so what should we do?

The beauty of the Internet is that it brought the whole business straight to your armchair. It cannot be easier to run private business with the existence of the Internet. It is like playing simulator games, with the only difference is that there are real people, real relations and real money. That is why online business makes it accessible for any "lazy-bone" like me to succeed and brings five times more pleasure and excitement than any game can.

Don't miss that fantastic, once in a lifetime opportunity.

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