How to Declutter Your Life This Year

by Susan Dunn
  1. De-clutter your brain by hiring a coach.

    If you're feeling overwhelmed, use your coach for a "brain dump." Get relief from thoughts and feelings, free up space to start planning and taking action.

  2. De-clutter your strategy-central by using an accountability system.

    Somewhere in your brain is "strategy-central" where you're keeping track of all the projects in your life - finances, volunteer work, children's activities, dental appointments, work projects, the dry cleaning ... and you're running out of bandwidth. Try the Gooding Accountability System ( http://www.goodingaccountabilitysystem.htm ), new tool on the scene. It comes with a coach! If you knew how to do it, and a Franklin Planner© were all you needed, you'd already have done it! Right?

  3. De-clutter your emotions by developing your emotional intelligence.

    Take The EQ Foundation Course© ( ), hire an EQ coach, start learning how to manage your emotions, and use a floodgate. It's very messy to get "flooded."

  4. De-clutter your body by getting rid of the junk you've been putting in it, and putting on it.

    Take off those extra pounds, quit eating twinkies, work out and sweat off the toxins. Keep your hair trimmed, shave on the weekends, cut back on accessories and makeup, throw out the cologne, drop a few gold necklaces, buy a smaller, lighter purse, and lighten your load.

  5. De-clutter your social life by eliminating the relationships that clutter up the landscape.

    Take an honest look at where your energy's going. Who's helping you and who's dragging you down? Who makes you feel good, who makes you feel bad? Who are you tolerating, who's eating up your time and giving nothing back? Then, you know the drill -- DE-CLUTTER.

  6. De-clutter the storage space in your heart and soul by throwing out emotional baggage.

    Get closure on relationships and the past. Forgive and forget. Bless and let go. Call them up, write a letter you never send, work with a mental health professional.

  7. Definitely de-clutter that kitchen counter with the help of The FlyLady ( )!

    De-clutter the kitchen counter, then move on to your house, office, car, garage and yard. GET RID OF STUFF! FlyLady is helping a lot of people get organized and have fun. Daily email reminders, great gimmicks, lots of support.

  8. De-clutter your financial situation by reducing your debt.

    Stop impulse buying and start paying off credit card bills. Establish a budget and start living within in. You'll free up a lot of time when you don't have to write checks, buy money orders for the DA, transfer balances, shop for credit, chat w/ attorneys, feel guilty, AND remember not to answer the phone.

  9. De-clutter your language by being honest and direct, yet courteous and kind.

    Ask for what you want without those whiny, apologetic tones (I don't suppose you'd ...). Eliminate some adjectives and adverbs (That's a simply marvelous smidgeon of ...). Dump those qualifiers (Yes, that's right ... I think ... isn't it?) Quit using jargon (out of the loop, lets throw it on the wall and see what sticks, put that baby to bed, let's rock 'n' roll, the hall talk says ...) Rid yourself of euphemisms ( Oh sometimes he cuffs me about a little ...). Quit burdening your nouns with "ize" and "ality" (We must strategize about deniability ...) and while you're at it toss out the denial ( Just because she's sleeping with another man doesn't mean she doesn't love me ...). Get rid of the swear words and hostilie comments (@%#^). Relieve yourself of so many opinions (The right candidate is ...). Throw your "judge" in the trash!

  10. You know what it is. GET RID OF IT!

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