How to Make Money off of Lazy Fat People
$1,200/Week "Handing Out" A Sheet Of Paper To Overweight People!
by Richard Chandler

That sheet of paper is a basic diet plan. We all know that people are always looking for new diets to supplant the diet they failed to follow last week. You can profit from this basic, simple diet plan by giving it away free, charging the dieter only a small amount for postage and handling. You can make thousands of dollars a month.

Alternately, you can hand out an ad circular promoting a special diet research and developed - and wait for the orders to come in. One man I know was getting back 42,000 for every 1,000 he distributed!

The best way to reach these dieters is buy classified ad space in a national magazine or newspaper, a proven successful marketing technique. Ads in publications like Popular Science and The National Enquirer yield excellent returns on these ads. Because millions of copies are distributed each month, even a small response means thousands of dollars in revenues.

To create your ad, start by looking over the classified ads in the publications. Study back issues and mark the ads that show up consistently. Note that the ads are short but provocative. You can bet these marketers are making a bundle.

Draft your own ads. They should make their point simply. You want the reader to jump on the offer a diet that will cause weight loss painlessly.

Don't attempt to pass yourself off as a diet expert. Food science is a broad and complex field. Telling people to undertake radical diets is a risky undertaking, because some people can kill themselves if they combine strong willpower with a physiological makeup that you, and even they, may not be aware of. And, wild diets are rarely necessary. The average person needs only some simple pointers.

Keep you recommendations mild. Keep in mind that for most people, the quantity of food they eat is the issue. All most people have to do to lose weight is to cut the quantity of each food they eat each day. They would have to cut very few foods out of their diet, although the United States government recommends cutting fat calories to less than thirty percent of the diet.

Obtain a copy of the United States government recommendations for daily diet from the Government Printing Office in Washington, DC, and build a menu around that. This will provide a safe, moderate diet approach to those serious about dieting carefully.

With a carefully designed diet and the use of direct response advertising in classified ads in national publications, you will be able to make impressive profits each month.

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