Do The Thing You Fear

by Jan Tincher

Easily said, isn't it? But not so easily done?

What if you knew that when you give into fear, that action will set up a path in your brain to be fearful next time, so that next time it's easier to be afraid? That would give you incentive to be more courageous, wouldn't it?

Even more, what if you knew that when you act boldly and courageously, that action sets up the path in your brain to be bold and courageous the next time?

Nobody wants to program fear into their lives, but that's what you do when you give into fear. And what does that get you? More fear. If you aren't careful, fear becomes a way of life.

Do you want to be courageous? Do courageous things! Even *little* courageous things. The little things turn into big things, and soon you feel courageous almost automatically.

The more you do something, the more you are able to do it. Remember, there is always a first time for everything. Do it, program your brain that you've done it successfully so your brain will be ready to do it again. If you don't do it, because you are afraid, your brain will continue to bring that fear into your life.

That does not mean jumping from an airplane without a parachute. That does not mean making a decision without all the facts. That does not mean buying something on credit and HOPE the money will come in. Don't think being courageous means doing some gigantic something you would never be able to do. Being courageous, to some people, means going outside their own door. Seeing other people. Talking to people.

Develop your ability to take intelligent risks consciously and deliberately by doing the things you fear, consciously and deliberately, one step at a time.

Remember how much of a stretch it is for babies to take that first step? Once they do, that second step comes much easier. You would never tell your baby he or she should stop trying, that she or he will never learn to walk. Be kind to yourself. Don't tell yourself that, either.

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