Dog Speak!

by Kelly Redmond

Have you ever wondered if your dog was trying to tell you something? Well, here are some ways that dogs communicate with people:

  1. Have you ever wondered what it meant when your dog ran to the door and barked? It usually means that he want to go outside.
  2. If your dog is outside and he taps on the door, it means that he wants to come inside.
  3. When he puts his tail between his legs, it means he's scared.
  4. Lots of times he will crouch down and stick his butt up. That means that he wants to play or he's expecting a treat.
  5. When he sticks his tail up and perks his ears up, it usually means that he sees a chipmunk, cat, another dog or something else.
  6. When he rolls over on his back, it means that he wants you to rub his belly.

Sometimes, a dog's actions are just a mystery!


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