Step by Step is the way to go!

by Mathias Olsson

I have seen many times how people sets up goals like "I'm going to earn $10.000 per month next month. Yeah, right, how? The reality is that most people doesn't even know how to double the only cent they've got. So the real question is: Can you double your only cent? If, no, then start figure that one out first of all. Then you can start dreaming more sincerely, because then you've got, maybe what it takes to start earning $10.000 per month. But don't be fooled, it will take some while. It depends on you, how fast you get to earn $10.000 or more per month.

I have a suggestion for you all. Start finding a one cent somewhere (in stores or whatever). You're not aloud to use any of your own money. Why? Because then you're not using other peoples money, the most important part of this whole game, alright? And the most important part of getting rich at all actually.

When you have found one cent, then try to double this cent to two cents. Can you handle that? Then double 2 cents to 4 cents, 4 cents to 8 cents and so forth. Remember that you can never use any of your own money only other peoples money. You're not aloud to ask for money. You're only aloud to trade the money for some more money, ok?

Also remember that you are not in any case, aloud to use overflow money. I will explain what I mean. Let's say that your on the step where you are going to double 2 cents to 4 cents and you by some reason trade the 2 cents for 6 cents (cash overflow ) then you must take away 2 cents leaving 4 cents as agreed. Why? Because otherwise you will gain instability in the "system" ( your money doubling system) and that is not aloud. You're not aloud to make the next doubling step easier for you. You have to learn the value of working. The lesson is to "not work for money, rather trade".

The only time you're aloud to let money get in to the system is when you gain some money as a gift from outside the "system". A gift can be that of your mom or dad, friends or whatever who want to give you money. Or it can also be that you find some money (no stealing is aloud ) on the street or whatever. Maybe you find some cans to hand in to the stores for some money.

The world is endless with money. But what I want to prove with this system is that you can't think that you can earn $10,000 in a month if you don't even understand the word "money" or how to trade money. When you know how to trade then you know how to get filthy rich also. The System will help you understand how you got rich, because sometimes you lose all the riches and then it sure as hell is good to know how you got to the top in the first place, isn't? Remember to write down every doubling session, how you did it and how long it took and so forth. Why? Because then you know how you did things to get to another level of wealth. Then save those step descriptions as a memory or as inspirational notes when you're feeling depressed. But most importantly, you'll have them to review whenever you have some financially bad days. That happens sometimes.

Also remember that whenever you trade and lose you have to start over at a lower level. I will describe: For example if you are trying to double 8 cents for 16 cents and you buy something for 5 cents that you think you could trade and it later on showed that you weren't able at all to sell it then you lost 5 cents and are now down to 3 cents, right? Well, then you're system is unstable because the doubling system follows the series 1 cent becomes 2 cents, 2 cents becomes 4 cents and so forth. So when you've got 3 cents you have 1 cent to much and that has to be removed immediately. This one cent you have to use on your self or someone you know. Every time the system breaks the chain series you have to remove the cash overflow. Gifts are the only thing you are aloud to get into the system. And, no you can't have the one cent removed, counted as a gift into the system once again. That one cent is "old money". You are only aloud to have "new money" from outside that has never been in the system before. So you have to trade.

If you don't learn how to trade then you can't possibly think you can become rich. Sorry, realty check you all. Bill Gates didn't become the richest man in the world by not trading. In fact he is a very skilled trader. Very skilled. If he hadn't traded in the first place with IBM then maybe he wouldn't be so rich as he is today. Many business men have described Gates as a "hard player"=). Learn how to trade and get to the level where you can compete with the old man (hehe).

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About the Author

Mathias Olsson is a skilled Swedish trader. He trades with different aspects of life. Mostly estates but also FOREX trade. He started out as a 19 year old kid in the car business. He started out with $120 in his pocket and bought an old car for $100 which he managed to sell for $200. And there after he was on his way, doubling every money he got on successful trading which he loves. Today he's 21 year old and have earned totally $699,554 by trading. Off course everything is working for him 24/7 in his bank account with 10% rates.

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