How To Manufacture And Sell Embossing Kits!
by Shelly Brock

An embossing kit is a novelty item used to emboss names in raised gold or silver lettering on books, cards, stationery, etc., with a beautiful effect. Looks expensive. Very simple to use, and it can be manufactured very simply and cheaply.

All that is needed to emboss names in gold or silver is embossing powder, fusing ink, and an ordinary pen. In order to advertise your embossing kit, leave room to emboss a name in raised letters, such as "Joseph" or "Janice" so as to give it a personal effect, and the customer can see a sample of the work.

Mix as follows:

Embossing powder... 4 parts of finely powdered resin, 2 parts gold or silver bronzing powder... Mix well. Fusing ink... 1 part white syrup, 7 parts water, 1/2 teaspoon Lysol and enough coloring to see when writing.


Write with the fusing ink the name or names wanted, using the ink pen. Then the embossing powder is spread over the writing. Shake off the surplus. Now apply heat from an iron, toaster, or burner until the raised effect is seen. It's unbelievable!

You can pack it in boxes or bottles and sell it for $1.00 to $2.00 per one-half ounce.

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