Corporations & Their People

Engaging Chaos Together

by Jane Miller

Just look at all the downsizing, right-sizing, loss of productivity, layoffs, severance packages, reorganizations, information overload, neglected families, stress, and workplace violence - it's CHAOS! But, wait. There's also redirection, reborn family values, educational access, easy to find goods and services, new occupations, challenges, community growth opportunities, new visions, technological advances, options, choices, profits. . . it's CHAOS!

In these times of constant stirring, endless challenges and growing uncertainty how can companies and organizations maintain and even boost productivity with a now troubled, insecure workforce? This group of men and women, America's working class, has recently been labeled the "anxious class." The economic designation of these folks has even been split from just plain "middle class" into lower-middle and middle-middle class! In the midst of their own chaos they need hope - your hope corporate America, that you and they can embrace the chaos together.

In our workshops and keynotes on embracing chaos, we start by encouraging you - corporations and organizations - to pay deep attention to these gems, the anxious class. Allow them to uncover their own golden nugget that lies beneath the chaos. Re-energize their creativity and encourage that potential to come out from its many hiding places. Commit to them - these valuable folk. Re-awaken their spirit!

How can you do all this - and on a limited budget, too? Dust off the grime and worry - unveil and polish an effervescing package within the chaos and you will find: Values, Principles, Strengths & Talents, Autonomy, Destiny, and Accountability.

These essentials together form a foundation for authenticity. An authentic foundation will serve gallantly in times of chaos. Depend on it and share it with others. Enlist these essentials to service, especially on behalf of the anxious.

Don't wait! Assist your anxious in engaging these Essentials of Authenticity. When you do they will be able to finally face the chaos. These chaotic times, then, will seem more natural and likely because your workforce will no longer be (as) anxious. They have been given the gift of your concern for them. And, with your guidance will have created a personal foundation and support system to embrace the chaos and harness its energy!

The corporation's investment in its individuals is returned through employees' higher job satisfaction and personal fulfillment, increased productivity, unleashed creativity, willingness to commit, lower turnover and reduced hiring & training costs!

What exactly are the Essentials of Authenticity? They are elements of a framework that together form a structure that serves as a foundation for individuals to confidently approach each business day with creativity, innovation, and confidence. Even though "job security" may be a thing of the past, an individual empowered with the Essentials of Authenticity can fashion a personal foundation that serves as his or her own security.

These essentials encompass the wisdom, perceptions, and growth of the individual that together form the greatest personal foundation an individual could embrace - authenticity. An individual's authenticity (or for that matter, a corporation's) is a true state of being, an ability to be, based on reasons and motives of your own choosing and alignment.

Authenticity then, is the result of a joyful synergy when these distinct parts are recognized and honored. In our workshops individuals personally explore the more engrained components of their authenticity- Values, Principles, Strengths and Talents- which form the base for Autonomy, to set their Destiny all with the vitality of Authenticity.

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About the Author

Jane Miller writes about Organizations and Their People Finding Potential and Increasing Productivity in a World of Chaos. Write to her in care of this publication or on-line at 717.228.2302

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