Envy Is Ignorance

by Jan Tincher

Do you ever look at other people's results or accomplishments with envy? We all have, haven't we?

Does this do you any good? No.

Do you know why? Because you can only think one thing at a time. If envy is what you choose to think about, then guess what. That's what you ARE thinking about.

Those people you are envying CHOOSE thoughts of success. That's how they got where they are, or did what they did, that you are envying. They chose to spend their time thinking about their success, not what other people have or don't have, have done or haven't done. Therefore, success comes to them. The more they do it, the easier success comes.

If you are envying them, what thoughts does that mean you have chosen? To envy.

Where is your future going? Toward success? Nope. More than likely it's going toward a life of continued envy. UNLESS . . .

Unless what?

Unless you STOP it.

Let's go back to *You can only think one thing at a time.* What are you thinking about? Succeeding? Nope. What are you doing? You are only doing what your thoughts are doing. You are envying.

Now you know.

To envy is ignoring your own success thoughts. To envy is ignorance. You can change. Start thinking about success.

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