Don't Stop Promoting Your Ezine

8 Tips For Getting Subscribers

by Detlev Reimer

You've made the decision to publish your own ezine. Congratulations ! But from now on, you must take your time to promote it 7 days a week . Your goal must be to grow your ezine day by day in order to become successful .

How can you accomplish this task ? Below, you'll find some suggestions :

a.) Forums

Here, you have the chance to show that you are an expert in your field by answering questions in your area of expertise . If you post answers regularly and perhaps if you ignite some discussions, you can become very well known.

Make sure you have an interesting headline and that you are not just setting Re: (Question) for your answer . You want people to click on your thread, so be creative with your headlines ....

Most forums allow you to leave your signature file in your message. But don't leave your sig-file if you ask questions yourself and don't start blatantly promoting your products and services. This is considered spamming and could cause flaming you.

Some popular Internet marketing forums are :

b.) Ad Swaps

Write to ezine publishers in your field and ask them to do an ad swap with you. Test the results of these ad swaps for 1 or 2 issues. Then you can rate the success of your ads and consider swapping for multiple issues if you got results from them or you can drop them if they are not so successful .

Stay in your field of expertise and don't do ad swaps with ezines which are not related to your subject. You want to have targeted readers of your ads, don't you ? If you send your ad swap to a newsletter with, let me say "Pet Lovers" , and your ezine is related to Internet marketing then it just can't bring you the desired results.

c.) Free Ezine Ads

For several reasons you should consider subscribing to ezines which give you free ezine ads. It's a very targeted audience and with intriguing headlines, you might be able to get some good responses from it. But you have to make sure that your ezine ads are really read by the other subscribers of their ezine.

Therefore, you should send your ads only to those ezines which on the one hand have enough subscribers (1000+) and which on the other hand publish their free ezine ads in their main issue in which they publish their articles as well.

If they just send out a separate issue with all their free subscriber ads in it, chances are great your ad won't be read. It will either get lost in a flood of ads or the issue will be deleted immediately if it arrives at the inbox of their subscribers. It's not a good deal even if it's free ...

Test and track your results and decide which ezines bring you the best results (subscribers) and concentrate your efforts on these .

d.) Recommendations

Make your fellow ezine publishers an offer they can't resist for recommending your ezine to their subscribers. This can be a free solo ad, a reciprocal link or something of similar value. Especially, for those publishers with a list that is many times bigger than your own, you have to use your best arguments to convince them of your offer's value for them.

e.) Your Website

If you get a decent amount of traffic, your website should also be a good source of new subscribers. But your website must clearly state the benefits of a subscription to your ezine or you will fail. If a potential subscriber doesn't know what he will get in return for giving his email address, you bet that he won't bother to sign up for your ezine.

State the benefits, make clear that you keep their contact data strictly confidential and give your visitors the possibility to view back issues so they can visualize how your ezine will help them . Your ezine should offer something special which cannot be found anywhere else. These could be exclusive content, resources, advertising options etc. etc.

f.) Ezine Directories

Submit your ezine to as many of the ezine directories as you can. Use a description that makes the readers curious and excited about becoming a subscriber of your newsletter. Offer free incentives and exclusive content.

A list with about 60 ezine directories can be found at :

g.) Ezine Announcement Lists

There are a lot of free ezine announcement lists, too. These can bring you subscribers as well . Most of them are at Yahoogroups, Topica and Smartgroups. You have to subscribe to them first and they have certain guidelines for posting. Be sure to read them first to make sure you don't violate their rules .

In some groups, only the moderator may post. These are only useful if you are searching for other ezines to subscribe to, not for announcing your own newsletter.

A list with lots of announcement groups can be found here :

h.) Writing Articles

This is one of my favorite methods for getting traffic and subscribers and it's the favorite method for many of the top internet marketers, too . By showing that you know about your topics, you set yourself up as an expert. This improves the relationships with your customers, potential subscribers, and other newsletter publishers.

Besides this, it has the effect that the URL from your resource box helps you to improve your link popularity. This, in exchange can boost your rankings at the search engines.

If you focus on one of each methods every single day, you can almost guarantee that it will bring you a steady flow of new subscribers.

About the Author

Detlev has just finished creating his first product, a database program for Internet marketers which will help you to save and organize all of your promotional marketing data. For further details, please visit : He also offers a FREE email course : "7 Days to starting any Online Business". Send a blank email to: .

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