10 Powerful Ways to Find Knowledge!

by Bill Thomas

If I asked you to show me where knowledge is, would you know what to tell me? Some people feel it is wrapped up in fancy-looking data, others argue that knowledge hides inside daisy-chained blocks of information.

Where would you go to get knowledge? In your personal knowledge-bank? Is it in the expertise you got from doing homework and your other school or training related activities?

Today's Demands are Tomorrow's Supply Now more than ever it's important to know how to find knowledge, develop it, apply it and leverage it.

Customers, partners, and colleagues rely on your knowledge-based solutions everyday. These people are:

Because of their demands we need to understand how to tap into and capitalize on reliable sources of knowledge.

The Problem is not the Solution . Yes, there are computers on every desk, and in many homes, too. We have small hand-held devices like cell phones, and things with screens that store lots of info. With the Internet, we have easy access to trillions of raw data.

Business, government and non-profit concerns are constantly frustrated in their efforts to glean their treasure-stores of pure knowledge from the chaff of trivial information.

Whither goest thou? Our 'quest' then has reached a crossroads - where should we turn for answers? Dr. Yogesh Malhotra, noted knowledge management expert, points out two critical facts:

  1. "Knowledge management [KM] caters to the critical issues of [corporate] adaptation, survival and competence in [the] face of increasingly discontinuous environmental change...8...
  2. It [KM] embodies [corporate] processes that seek synergistic combination(s) of [computer-based] data processing and the creative and innovative capacity of human beings".

Where are the impacts of "discontinuous environmental changes" occurring in your work and business situations? Wherever they are, is where you will need, find and use that thing that we call knowledge.

  1. "10" - one Number, Infinite Opportunities First, knowledge is contained within the situation or event we are involved with - such as, a project meeting or sales call.
  2. Second, there is knowledge in the relations we have with other people - are we sharing data, or are we working on a problem?
  3. Third, we have knowledge of the goal, priority or purpose for this state of affairs - we may wish to learn something, or move forward on an issue.
  4. Fourth, we have knowledge of our own - all working people have some kind of 'know-how' within themselves.
  5. Fifth, we have knowledge of what has worked for us in similar, previous or related situations and problems.
  6. Sixth, we have knowledge of other people, systems and resources that "know" more this situation than we do - such as, a person with more work experience, a computer program or web site that presents the data in an easy-to-understand format, a book or library of reference materials.
  7. Seventh, we have knowledge of the strength of our faith that this change, circumstance or event can be handled, worked-with and resolved in a satisfactory way.
  8. Eighth, we have knowledge of a process, procedure, or method that we can try and use to work with, work on or work around this pending situation.
  9. Ninth, we have knowledge of possible solutions, possibilities or opportunities to attempt a solution that we can apply.
  10. Tenth, we have knowledge of the fact that whatever the mind of mankind can conceive and believe, with persistence, determination and commitment, it can always achieve.

So there you have them - ten ways to turn your quest for knowledge into a tangible, prosperous and fruitful reality. Have a great journey, enjoy your voyage and share your discovery with others - then you can be someone's guide on their search for knowledge.

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Bill Thomas is a Principal of Syntopic Intelligence. He teaches knowledge work, creative thinking & persuasive leadership skills. Learn how "You Can Be More Creative and Innovative!", in a free 75-page eBook, free Tutorial and weekly Ezine - Send an email with no Subject to: Subscribe@syntopic.net

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