How to Find More Free Ebooks than You will Ever have Time to Read

by Laurie Meade

Are you like me? You love to surf online hunting for information on how to make money online. Does it give you a natural high when you find something for free. Oh what a feeling it is when you find an ebook for free that was being offered at another site for 30- 50 bucks?

I few months back I purchased Autoresponder Magic for $17. Since then, after learning some cool searching secrets, I have found several sites giving this book away for free.

So, how do you find these goodies. Tonight I did a search on looking for free ebooks. I took a result of about 8370 and narrowed it down to about 126. I did this in two easy steps.

Here is how I did it.

  1. I was searching for e-books about minisites. I typed in minisites in the Google search box. I then went to the bottom of the page and typed on a box which says: Search within results.
  2. Up pops another window, blank page. I type in free ebooks.
  3. That's it. Then I start scrolling through the 126 sites to find my gems. It is amazing. In less than 5 minutes I narrowed a search from 8000 to 100. What a cool tool!
  4. At Google, they only accept 10 words. They don't count common words. For example "How To" Use keywords that are broadest first and then narrow your search within with your other keywords.


Start out with a broad category. I have search terms such as ebooks first, but then it takes a little longer. Type in the subject you are looking for first. Then in the search results within box, narrow your focus. Use your second or third, search within results to use terms like free articles, or free ebooks. I have had excellent results with this technique. The only drawback is, it is so much fun it is hard to stay focused on the more important day to day tasks of my business.

More pointers.

For best results, it's important to choose your keywords wisely. Keep these tips in mind:

Try the obvious first. If you're looking for information on Website Design, enter "Webmaster" rather than "HTML". Use words likely to appear on a site with the information you want. "Ebook Promotion" gets better results than "Websites with free information on how to promote ebooks".

Make keywords as specific as possible. "Rebrandable Ebooks" gets more relevant results than "Ebooks with Resell Rights to Sell". If you don't have time to click on all the links, copy and paste your results into your favorite html editing program and save as a file. This preserves the links.

Here's a bonus cool tip. You found a goldmine site. A site with loads of free ebooks. Type related: and press the search button. This final tip will bring up all the links that are related to that site. Isn't the internet awesome and fun. Find out how you can make a living online, even if you think all the cards are stacked against you. I can let you in on secrets the Big Boys don't have to worry about.

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