Tax and Insurance Deferment and Safety All in One

by Charles Scholl

Fire is a constant waiting to happen occurrence in any habitable environment. Many of the most dangerous environments that most humans become the most vulnerable in are their homes. Smoke detectors have a good record when they are maintained and the human beings affected by it know what to do to escape.

The fire still happens, however. The precious minutes it takes the firefighters to arrive can mean a total loss and life jeopardy as well. The answer is home fire sprinklers. They can be installed during the construction of the home for under two dollars a square foot and the fire insurance on the structure is cut by three to four hundred dollars a year.

The system pays for itself in several years. The safety provided is the life of the building. Unlike Hollywood portrayals, only the fire sprinkler that is heated by the fire will spray water, not all of them at one time. 99% of the fires extinguished by fire sprinklers are done so by one or two heads, not all of them. The water damage is negligible compared to the fire and water damage provided when the firefighter pulls hose off of the truck to fight a fire. Also, the federal government is currently working on a tax break for fire sprinkler protected homes.

Additionally, when you build your home, if you plan to be in it the rest of your life, why not build it to correspond with the American with Disabilities Act? You are going to grow old one day if you are lucky and take care of your self, however, a stroke or other medical problem may still intervene. People with these medical problems did not want them to happen. If you build the house with some basic access capabilities like wider door, sliding doors inside, one level construction, access under sinks as from a wheelchair, and a fully accessible shower with at least 5 feet of space and no tub. How many people take "baths" in a tub anyways?

But the possibility to have to bath one day in a shower wheelchair is very real. Planning now could enable you to remain in your home with safety. The resale value sky rockets as well as accessible homes are at a premium of need on the home sale market. Be fire safe and prepared for the worst God forbid and you still make money with safety on the side. Good words for the current world. Good Day.

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