How To Quickly Trick A Fly Out Of Your House

by Frank Rubino

Instead of swatting a fly, maneuver it's flight path out a window or door.

Understanding a Fly's Fight

In a confined space, a fly moves through the air in a straight line. When
it reaches an obstacle or a threat, it reverses direction and moves in a
new straight line.

In a room with an open window or door, observe the fly's direction.
When it reaches the other side of the room, it will make a U-turn and fly in
the opposite direction with a slight change in angle. It will zigzag across
the room until it can fly unimpeded, to the outside or to another room.

Make the Fly Leave

Anticipate the return flight path and gently move your hand to the left or
right of the flight path to change the fly's direction. It will quickly
reverse direction. At the other side of the room it will return.

Again, move your hand to maneuver it's path with the aim of getting it to fly along a path
that, when it reverses direction at the opposite side of the room, it will fly out the window or door.

Making Flies Leave at Nighttime

To remove a fly from a room at night, turn out the inside lights and turn
an outside light on. It will fly towards the light and, with a little
maneuvering, it will exit at your discretion.

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