How to Get Free Subscriptions to Over 60 Magazines

There are a large number of "Trade" magazines, journals, newsletters, and newspapers which are mailed absolutely FREE to interested firms and individuals who merely ask for them. These are not, of course, the common magazines you find on your local newsstand, but they do offer much valuable reading. To locate the names and addresses of magazines which offer free subscriptions, simply go to your library and ask the librarian for a copy of: "Standard Rate and Data". This book lists all trade magazines circulations. Any magazine stating it has "controlled circulation" normally indicates it is available free. All you have to do is write the magazine and ask them to place your name on the mailing list. Try to indicate interest or some connection in your occupation, or avocation with the subject matter of the magazine.

To receive your choice of these magazines, TYPE your request on your letterhead or a plain sheet of paper. Ask to be placed on their mailing list to receive future copies. Some of the magazines may arrive for only a few months of the year. In these cases, simply mail another request for the magazine to continue your subscription indefinitely. I have been receiving some of these magazines for almost 10 years by re-submitting my request every 6 to 12 months.

Interested in receiving the more popular newsstand magazines? You can't get them free but you can get them WHOLESALE. All you have to do is become a subscription agent. write to; McGregor Magazine Agency, Mount Morris, IL. 61054. Request the Wholesale Magazine Subscription Catalog. Many times you can deal directly with a magazine and become one of their Subscription Agent. Reader's Digest is one such magazine. By becoming their agent and subscribing yourself under a business name, you can receive Reader's Digest for about $1.60 per year! Wholesale rates for businesses are lower than consumer rates.


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