How To Receive Free Publications

By Dr. John E. Russell

For free books, booklets and reports, send for a free Consumer Information Catalogue. Write to: Consumer Information Center - 3A; P O Box 100; Pueblo, CO 81002-0100. The publisher is the U S government. Uncle Sam will give you up to twenty-five of his publications free - you only pay a small service fee of $1. Other publications are very reasonable in cost. Most government publications are in public domain, and can be used as the basis of your reports. However, you should write the appropriate agency and get permission in writing, before you do.

If you teach courses in some institution where students are required to buy textbooks, some publishers will give you free copies of books relating to the courses you teach. They hope your institution will adopt them as textbooks.

Bookstores will tear the covers off books that may not sell and return the covers to the publishers for credit. Ask bookstores if you can have these books. (Or, if you're not proud, look in the dumpsters).

People sometimes throw new magazines away in the post office.

Also, if you are seriously considering advertising in national magazines, write to those magazines requesting a rate card (advertising schedule) and a free copy of each magazine.

Some magazines will give free samples to lure you into subscribing. Hence, a source of free magazines.

Ask for samples of mailorder publications. They may need an "active name" for their mailing list and it will only cost you the price of a postcard.

Look for 800 numbers on products. Many offer free valuable information. You don't even have to pay postage.

If you are taking medication, the manufacturer will probably send you free information on your medication. I take Cardizem, and Marion Merrell Dow sends me a free newsletter. They also sent me a valuable book on stress and the heart, free. They also sent me a free electronic pillbox.

Your physician usually has free literature for the asking.

Get on mailing lists of products or services in which you are interested. You will be kept up-to-date on the latest technologies and news in your field of interest, free.

If you start a business, there are magazines that are free for the asking. Sometimes there is a free business reply card and you pay no postage. They make their money from the advertisers in their magazines and you receive timely articles.

For a copy of my new book, essays exposing the myths of political correctness, send me two dollars. Read it. Then, if you want to keep it for reference, send an additional three dollars. You will not see much of this documented material in the media. This is IBM shareware written in ASCII and on 5 1/4 inch computer disk. Please refer to the name of this publication. Your comments are welcome.

Best wishes in your mailorder endeavor.

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