Frustrated Internet Marketer?

Here's how you can turn frustration into "Dollars In the Bank"

by C.C. Collins

Are you a frustrated internet marketer? Do you spend countless hours and dollars trying one thing after another in order to market your product or an affiliate program or two? Then it's very likely that you, at some point, have become a citizen of the nation of Frustration.

No one is born an internet marketer.Eveyone starts somewhere. For the vast majority of us creating another company or developing a totally new marketing idea or even an original product just isn't in the cards. A very small percentage of very creative people do accomplish these things. Fortunately though for the rest of us, the "internet marketing for dummies" crowd, we don't have to rely on such sparks of genius in order to make a very respectable living online.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing at all wrong with creating your own product. In fact, it's great if you can! There are abundunt sources on the net to assist you in doing so if that is your desire. On the other side of the coin though, there are thousands and thousands of existing products and services that we can market for a share of the profits. The question is what? and how?

There are so many exaggerated offers that bombard us every day. I'm probably no different than you in that I'm deluged daily with insane claims and ridiculous, obviously false but never-the-less enticing, promises.

When I first became "hooked" on the financial potential of the internet I was consumed with desire and exploding with one potential idea after another none of which I had a clue as to how they could be successfully implemented. Naturally I jumped into the first thing that looked exciting. After a few weeks of not making any money or not even getting any responses, I jumped to the next great idea still believing in my heart that my desire for serious income was only a few clicks and a few weeks away. Keep in mind, at that time, I was a complete newbie.

Fast forward about a year. I'm still struggling. I still believe but now I'm really starting to get frustrated. I happen accross many of the same people I met a year ago who, like me, are hopping from one opportunity to another yet never committing long enough to make anything really work. Just like me they hadn't constructed the proper foundation nor given success a fair chance, time wise. Yes, it can be brutal when you finally realize this about yourself but, I can tell you, it's the beginning of your way out.

One of the bigggest problems starring anyone who is desiring to "make it" on the internet is utter confusion and massive information overload. Typically we grasp at straws and, without a master plan or adequate foundation join this or that service in an earnest effort to get our business going.

Take note. If you're set on making a living online, the absolute best piece of advice I could offer you is to get real. What I mean by that is focus on starting a real legitimate, ethical online business. Joining or working a "program" isn't a business. A specific opporunityor opportunities though, may be operated as part of a business. There is a difference.

The allure of easy profits and get-rich-quick schemes and the glut of fly-by-night gimmicks can cause can cause you to fail miserably. From experience, I can tell you that many of them sound so good that we want them to be true. And, no doubt, that's why many people, including me, have, at some point, fallen for them.

Many of us have experienced the frustration that comes from not reaching our objectives.If you are currently in that situation, try and turn your frustration into increased drive to succeed and, in order to succeed the way you want, take stock of your situation in terms of, "Have you built a proper foundation or platform that will give your efforts the virtual certainty of success if you stay the course and do the actual work that is required?"

You can save yourself major headaches, time, money and frustration by making sure you construct your platform with these basic proven-that-it-works elements:

In addition, it just makes good economic sense to have one or more of your affiliate or networking programs paying on a multi-tiered monthly residual basis as opposed to a one time only sale commission.

Can most or all of these elements be found all organized for you in one or two places, including your own pre-written ezine? I know and use one, no doubt there are others. A search engine query may reveal more. Even if you must assemble all of the basics one-by-one on your own, once you build your success platform and do the work, you will be on your way to turning frustration into dollars in the bank!

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