$1000/Day Repairing Video Systems
by Jerry Perdue

You know how many electronic game units are out there? Millions. And with the pounding and use they receive, guess how many of them break down? A high percentage. It only takes a second to realize that there's a market for repairing these expensive entertainment tools that are often essential to household harmony. People want them fixed, and they want them fixed quickly.

While Nintendos, Segas and other entertainment machines can be bought just about anywhere, try to get one repaired when you need it. It's often difficult for the average parent to even discover who will repair the machines.. Which is where you come in. You don't have to know a thing about electronics or electronic games. All you need to know is, who will do a reliable job of repairing the devices, and where are those service centers located?

You can uncover the Nintendo and other entertainment machine service centers in your area and broker the repairs; serving as a convenience for parents and repair centers alike.

Not just Nintendo but related electronics service centers may be too far away for the customer to want to make the effort to travel there, particularly if you live in rural areas where the nearest city of any size is a hundred miles away.

If you can regularly load up your van with electronic equipment for repair, you can time pickups and deliveries to minimize your cost of doing business even as you maximize your income.

Advertise yourself as a broker for electronic toy repair. You'll quickly learn who performs the most reliable work, who has the best prices, and who has the quickest turn around times. This kind of knowledge makes you a local expert, and you will be able to garner free publicity by being a guest on call-in shows, or by being quoted in newspaper and magazine articles. Even if you give out repair center names, it is unlikely to cut into your business; people don't want the hassle of going to the center and talking about things they don't understand. They'll hire you to do that.

You may even want to expand your offerings to include personal computers, televisions (including those hefty wide-screen jobs for which you can charge a hauling premium), fax machines, tape decks, videocassette recorders and compact disc players.

Arranging repairs for electronic entertainment units and other electronic centers will take the burden off the consumer, and they'll be willing to pay good money for your services.

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