How To Start A Garage Sale Biz

by BB Lee (C)2001

A Garage Sale could be a one time event for an individual, single family, group of families or a charity organization. But, to be really profitable you have to plan carefully. Most people do not have the time, or even skills to put together a Profitable Garage Sale. This is where you, The Garage Sales Specialist, will enter the picture.


Your primary duty is to establish a professional resell business of items, donated or collected from people who do not have the time to put together a garage sale. Essentially, you will be the liquidator of people's junk through actively promoting garage sales.


Held a garage sale for yourself, family, friends. Be well organized and like dealing with people. Watched how others handled garage sales. Read books on garage sales, antiques, collectables.


Telephone, answering machine, portable cash register, record keeping books, bags for customers, tags, receipt books, advertising signs. A computer would be essential for record keeping and Internet contacts.

Startup Cost: 

$100 and up. Of course, this depends heavily on the size and length of the sale or if you or the customer are responsible for advertising.


Draw up a contract with your clients which clearly outlines your terms of service. Average commissions are 10 percent to 20 percent of sale.


Varies, depending on your sales skills and the quality of the merchandise you sell. It is reasonable to assume that a one day sale could gross $1,500. If you charge a 20 percent commission your take would be $300 for one days work.


Place classified ads in your local papers with the date and time of the garage sale. Place posters where it is permitted around your neighborhood announcing your garage sale. Place flyers on bulletin boards and distribute them widely. Print up business cards and hand them out every chance you get. Tell your friends, tell your relatives, tell your neighbors, tell everyone!

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Book Great American Garage Sale by...Wilda Albert

Free tips on establishing a garage sale presence.

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