Get your site listed on major search engines and directories.

Site list on search engines

by Arakkal M Sebastian

Get your site listed in major Search Engines and Directories

Search Engines are a very important factor concerning the traffic to your website.90%of all Internet users utilize search engines and directories in order to find something. But it may take some time until search engine submissions "bite". So, you better start to submit immediately to them.

It may take from a couple of days to several weeks or month, before you will see results. Some engines update their data base more frequently then others.

The key point: If a visitor finds you via a Search Engine you have a huge advantage: HE is looking for YOU. So you are not trying to sell something, he comes to you and wants your product. How targeted can a visitor be? He types in a keyword, related to your product and finds you. Should be highly targeted, if you have chosen your keywords wisely.

Once you are prominently listed with the major Search Engines and Directories, you will see a continuous stream of highly targeted visitors dropping by your site and turning into customers.

The major Search Engines and Directories are:

Yahoo ; Google: OpenDirectory Excite Altavista Lycos Infoseek HotBot WebCrawler

But wait, you will have to put special attention on the way your siteis listed on the Search Engines.

Consider the search engine listing as an Advertisement. It is not only important that your site comes up when a surfer keys in one of your keywords. The surfer has to be teased to actually click on yourlisting and visit your site.

The listing works as an ad. If your listing is a good ad, a high percentage will actually click on it and visit your site.

So, you need to invest some time playing around with different wordings. Youhave to show the surfer in a few words, what is in for him or her.

If you do a good job, you will be rewarded with thousands of free visitors. And they will be targeted, eager to buy your product or service.

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