How To Get Rich Without Working

Working is described as the obligation to regularly attend and perform a designated task. An obligation that usually consumes 8 or 9 hours of one's daily life. It is humorously called, "The Rat Race". Yet, most people must depend on such jobs to finance their basic necessities of life. Often, just barely.

How have some people become wealthy without restricting themselves to work ? Some have been lucky enough to inherit a fortune. Others have struck it rich in lotteries or by gambling. A successful business owner, an officer in a large corporation, or a super salesman might acquire wealth through aggressive personal characteristics.

Then there are those who through manipulation, inside knowledge or proper timing have acquired a windfall by investing in the stock or commodity market.

Talented people have become rich as inventors, authors, sports figures, TV and movie stars. Professional people such as lawyers, doctors and bankers, through high fees or salaries, become wealthy.

The above situations, a matter of lick, special talent or timing, are beyond the hope of the average working man or woman. Yet, there are many opportunities for anyone to make a lot of money without relying upon luck, high education or special abilities.

First of all, those who have acquired wealth through their own personal efforts outline this advice for necessary attitudes and desires to acquire a high financial standing:

1. Go where the money is--get your share. 
2. Be willing to accept and take business risks. 
3. Do something positive in your search for riches. 
4. Be willing to start small and grow big. 
5. Be ready to jump into million dollar markets if the opportunity presents itself. 
6. Use other people's money to help build your own wealth. 
7. Diversify to increase your income. 
8. Create, locate and market something unique and different.

Long ago, someone with a wise observation noted, Working won t make you rich. So let s review some of the methods others have used to become wealthy, and ways which you, too, can acquire riches that a salaried job will never provide.


This is perhaps the easiest way to earn big money. What is a Finder ? A finder is a person who brings two parties together on a transaction and collects a fee for arranging the meeting that consummated the deal. The fee may be a percentage of the transaction or a flat determined sum.

Let's explain your role as a finder. Suppose you learn of someone who is interested in selling a large parcel of land, a building, surplus merchandise, a business, antiques, or dozens of other high-priced items. You contact this person or firm and advise that you can furnish the name of prospective buyer for a finder s fee if the sale is completed. You introduce prospective buyer to the seller by letter and let those two parties come to an agreement on the deal. You are entitled to a commission for locating the parties and arranging the meeting that resulted in completing the transaction.

Where do you find these opportunities? You may be fortunate enough to find them in your own locality. Look and ask around. Note the For Sale signs on large acreage or buildings. Check Wanted and For Sale listings in newspaper classified sections. The Wall Street Journal, the Business Opportunities Journal, or subscribe to some of the publications that advertise offers suitable for a finder.

Never contact the seller, except for particulars of his offer, until you have a definite buyer prospect. After your initial contact with both parties, send all correspondence concerning referrals, names and confirmation of finder's fees by registered mail. Keep a copy of all correspondence should any legal problem arise concerning the receipt of your full and due commission.


In a similar method to the above, thousands of people are looking for money for business and commercial activities; others are seeking areas in which to invest. You can operate as a money agent, on a commission basis, by bringing together a party who seeks money with someone who is willing to lend it. Again, contact may be obtained through the methods outlined above. Don't overlook foreign investors. The Arabs, particularly, have billions to invest. Seek such leads in publications with foreign circulation.

OVER $300,000 BY AGE 55! 

Yes, it's possible through a regular and simple saving plan that most people can handle without financial hardship. Deposit $2000 each year in one of the higher yielding savings plans and keep it in. Suppose you start this plan when you are 25 years of age. While future interest rates are impossible to predict, we will figure at a modest 10% accrued yield. At this yield and at the age of 55 you would have accumulated a nest egg of over $300,000! This principal will draw over $30,000 per year and more in later years if you continue the plan. Start a systematic and determined savings plan while you're young--you can enjoy the benefits of wealth at the still-youthful age of 55!


The fact is that the largest percentage of fortunes were made in real estate dealings... land, housing units and commercial buildings. You are aware of the tremendous growth in real estate values in recent years. This trend is almost a certainty to continue. Population growth, even increased divorce rates, creates a need for more housing, more businesses, more recreational areas, etc.

There is not guarantee that all real estate will rise in value during your lifetime. Be selective in what and where you buy. Anticipate the coming trend based on economic, energy and growth factors. Will the population growth be in the outlying areas or will people move back into urban districts. Run-down or semi-abandoned neighborhoods are often profitably renewed. Beautify a house or two in such areas and other people are anxious to do the same in that locality. Is an industrial, amusement center, or something to draw a large number of people planned for the area? If so, smart operators will begin buying property anticipating that homes and businesses will follow and real estate values rise tremendously.

Considered buying cheap unimproved land? Usually, it would produce nothing but cost you taxes, though modest in amount, until you could sell the property for profit. But, suppose you could develop it for some income producing benefit like pasture land, farming leases, flora for nurserymen, timber, hunting, camping or a recreational area? Unimproved land should be purchased only with the possibility of developing it for some money-making purpose.


Millions of acres of government land are available, mostly in Western States, at unbelievable low prices. There are possibilities for money-making activities such as ranches, resorts or striking it rich with mineral discoveries. For information, write to: Bureau of Land Management, Washington, D.C. 20240.

The GSA often offers vacant or improved land to the public. also, buildings no longer required by the Government, but suitable for warehousing or manufacturing, are also offered. These are generally sold by sealed bid and sometimes notices appear in the local newspapers. For information about GSA sales write to: General Services Administration, 7th & D Streets S.W., Washington, D.C. 20407.

State Governments also sell land and property. Agencies are titled differently so contact a State office to learn which agency in your State handles land sales.


Willing to gamble a little for a chance to strike it rich? With the odds far greater in your favor than winning a State lottery or hitting the giant jackpot in a Las Vegas casino?

Monthly the Federal Government conducts a lottery for about 1,000 oil and natural gas leases. These are parcels of land ranging from a few acres to 2,500 acres. This land is termed wildcat because these areas lie outside the known geological formation that produce gas and oil fields. If an oil company want to explore your lease it will pay you up front money and a royalty for any gas or oil found.

Entry fee is $10.00. While to procedures are quite simple, an explanation of how the lottery works and how to file requires more space than this report can provide. Write for Simultaneous Oil and Gas Lease Filings to Bureau of Land Management, Washington, D.C. 20240.


Items such as vehicles, office equipment, boats, among many thousands of goods the government buys, can be purchased at a small fraction of their value. As requirements change, large quantities of goods become obsolete to the government specifications and are called surplus and offered to the general public.

If you buy something at a real bargain price and resell it for a high profit, you have made big money on the deal! While many of these items can be bought and profitably resold to various markets, an imaginative idea or application could make you rich! A case in point is a fellow named Hugh Paulk who bought 50,000 surplus parachutes, a little at a time, and sold them my mail at $13.95 each. To airplane clubs, sky divers, or private pilots? No. He advertised in women s magazines and they were uickly grabbed up as fine nylon material for shirts, blouses and other clothing. to the tune of $800,000 sales for Mr. Paulk!

Government surplus material is sold on a bid basis and you can request a Bidders Application and information on surplus sales from: DOD Surplus Sales, P.O. Box 1370, Battle Creek, MI 49016.


This could be your first step to riches. Look for a business whose owner, for one or various reasons, desperately wants out but is unable to find a buyer. Perhaps due to disinterest or poor management it isn't making a profit. Offer to pay the book value from a certain percentage of profits. The owner might consider this proposal rather than chance the business failing completely. Have a lawyer draw up the transfer of ownership and the other conditions of the agreement. Most should be to your advantage.

You must, of course, consider only a business with the potential of earning good profits through your ability and efforts. A financing source should be ready to help if you need funds for expansion.


How often, after you learn of a success story, have you said I wish I got into that. Why didn t you? If money was considered a problem, it shouldn't have been. Most wealthy people acquired riches by using other people's money to finance their money-making opportunities. surprisingly, money is not hard to get. For speculative endeavors, venture capital firms are receptive to a proposal with good profit potential, even with an element of risk.


Investors or collectors who deal or trade in items that will multiply in value make big money. Some of the items that have jumped in value through the years are gems (which can be obtained from foreign producers), coins, stamps, old magazines and comic books, baseball trading cards, dolls and toys, rare books, paintings, sculptures, art objects, phonograph records, autographs, guns, etc. Always check current values; buy only at lower price. And, don t throw out everything your wife considers trash. A piece of today s junk might be someone's treasure tomorrow.

You can get rich--if you really crave wealth. You must take a positive step to achieve that goal. The sooner you start, the earlier you can gain the financial rewards you seek.


Here's an opportunity to own your own general store without any large investment or expensive overhead.

This is possible by participating in flea market sales or swap meets as they are called in some parts of the country. It affords you an excellent chance to earn extra money--it is not unusual for a dealer to make $200 to $500, or more, profit just on weekends.

This report will fully explain and provide valuable tips on how you can profitably participate in this activity.

First, find out where flea markets are operated in your area. Many parking lots, drive-in theaters, halls and other buildings are set up as flea markets. Most are open only on weekends; others operate daily. Some are run by professional operators; while churches, clubs, fraternal and veterans organizations, and fund raising groups hold these sales at periodic intervals.

Such sales are usually publicized or advertised in the local papers (usually, classified section) or on bulletin boards. Or, look in the yellow pages of the telephone directory under Flea Markets or Swap Meets to find out who organizes these sales and where they are held.

Your next step is to visit flea markets. Observe how they operate, what type of items are being sold, how the merchandise is being displayed and what type of goods are being offered at each market.

Now you are ready to start. Contact the operator or manager and reserve space...for a day, weekend, week or month, whichever period is their minimum policy and for what length of time you wish to participate. Obtain merchandise which will appeal to the class of people who normally attend the market you selected.

Reservation costs vary. Many factors determine this--the size of the market, the amount of traffic it attracts, the length of time you reserve, or the size of space you require for your display. Rates may also vary in different sections of the country. A well-attended, well-organized flea market is certainly worth your attention, rather than a shabby, disorganized one.

In any case, the space cost should be quite modest in relation to the sales and profit potential. Some flea market operators may even assign space on a commission basis. You pay them a certain percentage of sales.


If you have a choice of space, reserve it where there is a lot of traffic. Entrances are not the best locations. People like to browse before they buy and there is a chance they may not return to the area where they came in. Space near exits is not recommended either. By the time they reach that section they may have already spent their limit. Or, they are just tired and ready to go home.

The best areas are near snack bars, rest rooms, drinking fountains or where people constantly go back and forth. If you are assigned a good spot at a constantly-operating market, try to reserve that same space each time. Your customers will know where to find you next time, or tell others where you are located.

If locations are assigned on a first-come basis, get there very early to set up at a desirable location. But, even if you have space reserved, allow yourself an hour or so before opening time to set up your display.


Your merchandise, of course. Then, if no table is provided, bring a folding table or two for necessary space to effectively display your wares. Also bring a comfortable folding chair, money to make change and a box to store your money (a cigar box serves nicely). If the market is held outdoors on a hot day you may need the protection of an umbrella. Also have a plastic sheet handy to protect your merchandise if it showers.

Bring your lunch and liquid refreshments, unless there is a snack bar on the premises and you would prefer to eat and drink there. If possible, bring along a member of the family or a friend to help you. You may need to be away from your table for meals, use the rest room, or walk around to look at other dealers displays. If it is not possible to bring someone, don't worry about it. Your neighboring dealers will be happy to watch your merchandise during your absence.

Rain is sometimes a threat and a major concern, particularly for an outdoor flea market. Rain may even keep people from attending an indoor sale. You should expect a rain check, refund, or allowance from the operator if sales are affected or interrupted by this situation. As another reminder, be sure to have a plastic cover to protect your merchandise in the event of rain.


Arrange your display as neatly and as attractively as possible. Place similar items together. Don't crowd things into a messy pile... customers don't lie to paw through a jumble of merchandise to find out what you offer. Set taller items towards the back of the table or use boxes or blocks so that everything you offer can be seen at first glance. Place jewelry on a velvet background or in jewelry boxes. Use your imagination to make your display attention-getting. Do something special to draw more people to your table.

For instance, if you are a craftsman do some of the work at your table. People are interested in and attracted to activity. Or, bring a radio and turn it on from time to time. Don t let the sound blare or play something disagreeable or offensive. Be different from the other dealers. Fore example, you could record and play a cassette extolling the merits of what you are selling or doing. But, don't sound like a circus barker. A little imagination for on the spot attention will help bring more people to your table.


Besides what you offer, the price at which you sell your merchandise is very important. You need to make a healthy profit for your time and investment, yet you must offer customers a good buy for their money.

You can price each item individually, or price a group collectively. Your sign can read, for example, Everything In This Section, $3.00 , another Everything In This Section, $6.00 , etc. Some dealers do not price anything buy allow bargaining, keeping in mind the lowest price they will accept. When a prospect asks the price of a certain item, the dealer will state a price. If the prospect hesitates, the dealer will offer a lower price until the prospect buys or the minimum price is reached. The psychology of this type of selling is that the customer feels he got the better of the dealer and walks away happy with his purchase. Price haggling is not usually a good practice and may offend certain people. Besides, it could be time consuming. You can always put up a new price signs.


Specialty items, not usually found in retail ships are best for flea market sales. Brand names are too common; prices are well-known or can easily be checked. A customer may have examined a Bulova watch at the jewelry store, price $80.00. You may get him as a buyer with a look-alike brand priced at only $50.00. Items such as jewelry, watches, toys novelties, house wares, auto accessories, paintings, gift & novelty items are among the hundreds of potential profitable sellers. Feature items that turn over fast. If an item doesn't sell well, keep lowering the price until someone buys it. Continue reordering good-selling items. Replace slow sellers with more appealing items until you feature a steady fast-selling, profitable line.


There are thousands of sources from which you can buy at low wholesale prices. Look through magazines such as Salesman's Opportunity, Specially Salesman, Spare Time, Money-Making Opportunities, Income Opportunities, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Mechanics Illustrated, etc. Look for closeouts and wholesale offers. You will find sources for many products you or your customers have never seen before. Also refer to the many sources listed in other reports of this series.

Your logical choice, of course, is to contact the local wholesalers, those handling general merchandise or specialty items. They are handy and merchandise can be picked up immediately. Also, you might be able to work out a consignment deal. This arrangement would enable them to sell additional merchandise. You, on the other hand, could obtain what you need for flea market sales without any investment. Above all, do not buy large stock until you are sure it will sell profitably.

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