Windows / Glass - Scratch Removal

by Travis Bradshaw

I am a professional window washer from Arizona. There have been a few times when I have arrived at a new customers home to find that construction crews or previous window washers have left scratches on the windows. I have found that the following method works well on very small scratches. For larger/deeper scratches the window will need to be resurfaced by a professional or replaced.

To remove scratches from glass / windows:

  1. First wipe the class clean using a soft lint-free cloth.
  2. Then smear toothpaste over the glass and make sure it completely covers the scratch.
  3. Squeegee off any excess toothpaste with a new razor-blade.
  4. Let the toothpaste dry thoroughly
  5. Polish with a soft dry cloth

This will hide any small scratches in the glass and will save on a costly repair. For more information on window washing go to

About the Author

Travis Bradshaw runs a window washing business out of Gilbert, Arizona.

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