U.S. Government Auction Sales



Most people are completely unaware of the bargains that can
be found in the most unlikely of places: the government!
We're used to reading about the Pentagon paying $59.00 for
a wrench, about the national debt rising higher and higher,
so it's excusable to not think of government and "sales" in
the same sentence.

Yet nearly every level of government from city and town on
up through county, state and federal, has possession of
excess property that must be disposed. If this can be
accomplished and money raised at the same time, why not?
We want government to be fiscally responsible, right?

The most common methods of parting with this overage of
property is through auction sales. These affairs offer a
unique opportunity to the right person -- purchases at
bargain basement prices that you can turn around and sell
at a profit! The money to be made staggers the

Whether it's property seized by police officers or customs
officials to repossessions by the Department of Housing and
Urban Development, there are thousands of items of all
types available at rock-bottom prices. Whether you're
merely buying for yourself or seeing this as a line of
business that could make you a substantial profit, the key
is to identify and locate these auctions.

You name it! Houses, cars, jewelry, yachts, farm Gov't
equipment, computers, firewood, it's there for the bidding
-- and the buying! And, eventually -- the selling for

You don't need much experience for this. You are familiar
with what many of these items cost today on the open
market. If you buy it far enough below market value, you
can still sell the property yourself at a discount and make
a handsome profit.

If you yourself have always wanted to own a luxury yacht,
here's your chance. You'll never find your dream purchase
at a lower price.

You could even start a second-hand store or set up shop at
a flea market or swap shop to peddle your merchandise after
you've acquired it. Many of these places are havens for
shoppers. You've simply gone them one better by obtaining
the good(s) at an even lower price than they'll pay -- and
be pleased with their "bargain".

The purpose of our booklet is to point you in the right
direction to find out about the various auctions that are
held by virtually all branches of government. The listings
in this book are as up to date as possible. Contacting
these places listed should give you the information you
need to begin your auction attendance.

There are open-bidding auctions where you shout out the
dollar value you're willing to pay following a minimum bid
requirement called by the auctioneer. There are also
sealed- bid auctions where you submit the price you're
willing to pay. You only get one shot at that type of

Be careful with the open bid auctions. You can become so
focused on a particular piece of property that you end up
in a "bidding war" for it that ends up with you paying more
than you should and cutting well into your eventual profit.
Be disciplined! Set a dollar limit ahead of time so that
you can let certain items go if the bidding goes too high.
This is a business now, so common money sense is important.
You must now think in terms of expenses vs. revenue.

If you have a certain hobby or interest, property in this
area may be your natural market. If you specialize, it can
help you concentrate on only those items in the large
auctions areas where there are hundreds of people bidding
for thousands of goods. Your focus will be in your area
and you'll soon be an expert on costs, prices and resale's
of this commodity.

Auctions can be hyped up -- to the point of temptation to
overbid. Don't do it! Remember your goal, your budget and
your knowledge of what things cost and you'll do fine.
Through the contacts listed in this booklet, you will find
yourself on a regular mailing list of government auctions.
Often, with the notice, you'll receive a catalogue of the
items to be sold and approximately what time they'll be
auctioned. This will allow you to budget your time wisely
at these affairs and not get lost in the shuffle.

Good luck!


These are the state contacts and a brief description of
auctions held at this level of government.

ALABAMA: Alabama Surplus Property
P.O. Box 210487
Montgomery, AL. 36121
(205) 277-5866

Alabama auctions offer a variety of goods usually three
times a year. Items: office equipment, cars, farm
machinery, trucks, boats, tractors and more. There is a
mailing list you can be placed on.

ALASKA: Surplus Property Management Office
2400 Viking Drive
Anchorage, AK. 99501
(907) 279-0596

It's best to call the Juneau office (907) 465-2172 to be
placed on their mailing list. There are weekly auctions of
smaller items like furniture and office equipment and
spring and fall auctions for larger items like cars.

ARIZONA: Office of Surplus Property
1537 W. Jackson Street
Phoenix, AZ. 85007
(602) 542-5701

Auctions four times per year. Items: computers, cars,
furniture and thousands of other pieces. Mailing list is

ARKANSAS: State Marketing & Redistribution Office
6620 Young Rd.
Little Rock, AR. 72209
(501) 565-8645

Mailing list available. Both regular and sealed bid
auctions are held. Weekly events.

CALIFORNIA: Office of Fleet Administration
1416 10th Street
Sacramento, CA. 95814
(916) 657-2318

Open bid auctions once a month on Saturdays at Sacramento
or Los Angeles of surplus vehicles. Mailing list.

COLORADO: Department of Correctional Industries
State Surplus Agency
4200 Garfield Street
Denver, CO. 80216
(303) 321-2200

Several auctions per year. Mailing list is available. Non-
profit organizations have first choice.

CONNECTICUT: 60 State St. Rear
Wethersfield, CT. 06109
(203) 566-7018 (or 7190)

Eight to ten auctions per year. Vehicles usually auctioned
on the second Saturday of the month. Registration fee.

DELAWARE: Division of Purchasing Surplus Property
P.O. Box 299
Delaware City, DE. 19706
(302) 834-4550

In May and September, there are public auctions of
vehicles, office furniture and other surplus property.
Mailing list is available.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Department of Public Works
5001 Shepard Parkway
Washington, D.C. 20032
(202) 404-1068

Vehicle auctions held the first and third Tuesday of the
month. No mailing list. Registration fee.

FLORIDA Department of Management Services
813A Lake Bradford Road
Tallahassee, FL. 32304
(904) 488-5272

This address is a "retail" store with items available for
sale. Motor Vehicle Bureau (904) 488-5178 holds vehicle
auctions once a month at various locations throughout the

GEORGIA: Department of Administrative Services
Purchasing Division, Surplus Property
1050 Murphy Avenue, S.W.
Atlanta, Ga. 30310
(404) 756-4800

Several auctions per year, held on the third Wednesday of
the month chosen. Mailing list. Items: vehicles, shop
equipment, typewriters, computers, copiers and more.

HAWAII No state surplus auctions.

IDAHO Division of Purchasing
(208) 327-7465

Idaho's state agencies hold their own auctions. You must
contact the specific state agency directly. Auctions
advertised in newspaper.

ILLINOIS: Central Management Services
Division of Property Control
3550 Great Northern Ave.
Springfield, IL. 62707
(217) 793-1813

Auctions held at Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield
two or three times per year on Saturdays. Mailing list
available for $20/year. Items: desks, chairs,
calculators, cameras, refrigerators and more.

INDIANA: State Surplus Property Section
229 W. New York Street
Indianapolis, IN. 46202
(317) 232-0134

Auctions held as needed each year. No mailing list, but
contact this office in May for a schedule.

IOWA: Department of Natural Resources
Wallace State Office Bldg.
Des Moines, IA. 50319
(515) 281-5121

Auction is second Saturday of May for items such as boats,
fishing rods, tackle boxes and hunting equipment. The
Vehicle Dispatchers Garage holds vehicle auctions three to
four times per year. Call (515) 281-5121.

KANSAS: State Surplus Property
P.O. Box 19226
Topeka, KS. 66619-0226
(913) 296-2334

Many items left over for sale following offering to state
agencies. Contact office for information on events.

KENTUCKY: Office of Surplus Property
514 Barrett Avenue
Frankfurt, KY. 40601
(502) 564-4836

Saturday auctions every two to three months as needed.
Items: vehicles, desks, chairs, couches, beds, lawnmowers,
etc. Mailing list is available.

LOUISIANA: Division of Administration
Louisiana Property Assistance Agency
P.O. Box 94095
Baton Rouge, LA. 70804-9095
(504) 342-6849

Auctions held on the second Saturday of each month at 1502
N. 17th St. Items: medical and office equipment, boats,
bicycles, televisions, vehicles and more.

MAINE: Office of Surplus Property
Station 95
Augusta, ME. 04333
(207) 289-5750

Public auctions five to six times per year. Primarily
vehicles. No mailing list.

MARYLAND: Department for Surplus Property
P.O. Box 122
8037 Brock Bridge Rd.
Jesup, MD. 20794

No public auctions. Address above is a "retail" store for
surplus property.

MASSACHUSETTS: State Purchasing Agency
Department of Procurement & General Services
Surplus Property
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA. 02108
(617) 727-7500

Public auctions six times per year, usually on Saturdays.
Vehicles primarily. No mailing list.

MICHIGAN: Department of Management & Budget
State Surplus Property
P.O. Box 30026
Lansing, MI. 48913
(517) 335-8444

Mailing list. Several auctions per year. Items: office
furniture, household goods, machinery, livestock, vehicles
and more.

MINNESOTA: Surplus Operations Office
5420 Highway 8
New Brighton, MN. 55112
(612) 639-4022

About 15 auctions per year held around the state. Items
Gov't Auctions include vehicles, boats and snowmobiles
along with jewelry, furniture, computers, stereos and more.
Mailing list.

MISSISSIPPI: Bureau of Surplus Property
P.O. Box 5778
Jackson, MS. 39288
(601) 939-2050

Two to three auctions per year of machinery and vehicles.
Mailing list.

MISSOURI: Surplus Property Office
Materials Management Section
P.O. Drawer 1310
Jefferson City, MO. 65102
(314) 751-3415

Regular auctions held throughout the year. Items:
clothing, office equipment and vehicles. Mailing list.

MONTANA: Property and Supply Bureau
930 Lyndale Avenue
Helena, MT. 59620
(406) 444-4514

One auction a year for vehicles. Mailing list. Other
property auctioned the second Friday of each month.

NEBRASKA: Office of Administrative Services
Material Division, Surplus Property
P.O. Box 94901
Lincoln, NE. 68509
(402) 479-4890

Auctions three to four times per year. Items: office
furniture, computers, couches and more. Separate vehicle
auctions held. Mailing list.

NEVADA: State Purchasing Division
Kinkead Bldg. 400 Capitol Complex
Carson City, NV. 89710
(702) 687-4070

Second Saturday in August at 2250 Barnett Way, Reno,
Nevada, 89512. Separate sealed bid auction mailing list is
available, too. You must bid at least once over two to
three auctions or you'll be dropped from the list.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Office of Surplus Property
78 Regional Drive Building 3
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 271-2126

Two auctions per year of vehicles and other property.
Mailing list.

NEW JERSEY: Purchase and Property Distribution Center
Trenton, N.J. 08625
(609) 530-3300

State vehicle auctions as needed. Mailing list.

NEW MEXICO: Highway & Transportation Department
P.O. Box 1149
Santa Fe, N.M. 87504

Last Saturday in September. Vehicles and office equipment.
Mailing list.

NEW YORK Office of General Service
Bureau of Surplus Property
Bldg. #18, Harriman State Office Bldg. Campus
Albany, N.Y. 12226
(518) 457-6335

Frequent auctions around the state. Sold by category.
Mailing list.

NORTH CAROLINA: State Surplus Property
P.O. Box 33900
Raleigh, N.C. 27636
(919) 733-3889

Sealed bid auctions. Mailing list. Warehouse available to
inspect items.

NORTH DAKOTA: Surplus Property Office
P.O. Box 7293
Bismarck, N.D. 58507
(701) 224-2273

Annual auction each September. Items: Vehicles, office
furniture and equipment. Auction is advertised two days in

OHIO: State and Federal Surplus Property
4200 Surface Road
Columbus, OH. 43228
(614) 466-5052

Public auctions and sealed bid sales several times per
year. Mailing list. Items: vehicles, office machines and
furniture and more.

OKLAHOMA: Central Purchasing Department
Central Services, B-4, State Capitol
Oklahoma City, OK. 73105
(405) 521-3046

Several auctions throughout the year. $10 gets you on a
mailing list.

OREGON: Department of General Services
Surplus Property
1655 Salem Industrial Dr., N.E.
Salem, OR. 97310
(503) 378-4714

Public auctions held every Friday of items such as
vehicles, desks, computers, snow plows, horse trailers and

PENNSYLVANIA: General Services Department
Bureau of Vehicle Management
2221 Forster Street
Harrisburg, PA. 17105
(717) 783-3132

Vehicle auctions at least ten times per year. Mailing
list. Bureau of Supplies (717-787-4083) also auctions
numerous items. Mailing list available.

RHODE ISLAND: Department of Administration
Division of Purchase
1 Capitol Hill
Providence, R.I. 02908

Rare public auctions, advertised in local papers. Sealed
bids to a list of buyers of vehicles and office equipment.
Call to see if you can get on the list.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Surplus Property Office
Division of General Services
1441 Boston Avenue
West Columbia, S.C. 29170
(803) 822-5490

Warehouse is at above address. Auctions held periodically.
No mailing list. Public Transportation Office (803-737-
1488) keeps a mailing list for its vehicle auctions held
every five to six weeks.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Bureau of Administration
State Property Management
701 East Sioux Avenue
Pierre, S.D. 57501
(605) 773-4935

Two auctions per year, spring and fall. Vehicles. Mailing

TENNESSEE: Department of General Services Property
6500 Centennial Blvd.
Nashville, TN. 37243
(615) 741-1711

Periodic auctions of vehicles and assorted machinery.
Mailing list.

TEXAS: State Purchasing & General Services Commission
P.O. Box 13047 Capitol Station
Austin, TX. 78711
(512) 463-3445

Every two months, auctions of vehicles, office furniture
and machines and highway equipment is held. Mailing list.

UTAH: State Surplus Office
522 South 700 West
Salt Lake City, UT. 84104
(801) 533-5885

Auctions of vehicles, office furniture and heavy equipment
are held four of five times per year. Mailing list.

VERMONT: Central Surplus Property Agency
RD #2 Box 520
Montpelier, VT. 05602
(802) 828-3394

Warehouse at Central Garage on Barre Montpelier Street.
Items: office furniture and machines. Public auctions for
vehicles in May and September. Mailing list.

VIRGINIA: State Surplus Property
P.O. Box 1199
Richmond, VA. 23231
(804) 786-3876

Regular auctions for all types of items including office
equipment, computers, tractors, bulldozers and more.
Mailing list. Cars auctioned twice a year.

WASHINGTON: Office of Commodity Redistribution
2805 C. St. SW Bldg. 5, Door 49
Auburn, WA. 98001
(206) 931-3931

Central warehouse open noon to 2:30 PM on Fridays. Cash

WEST VIRGINIA: State Agency Surplus Property
2700 Charles Avenue
Dunbar, W.V. 25064
(304) 766-2626

Auctions every month. Items: chairs, desks, telephones,
computers and more. Mailing list.

WISCONSIN: Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 7396
Madison, WI. 53707
(608) 266-3965

Warehouse at Hill Farm Bldg., 4802 Sheboygan Avenue.
Department of Administration (608-266-8024) holds public
auctions every month for vehicles. Mailing list.

WYOMING: State Motor Pool
723 West 19th St.
Cheyenne, WY. 82002
(307) 777-7247

Periodic vehicle auctions. Mailing list.

There are billions of dollars in this country in unclaimed
money sitting in state property offices. Money from
uncashed stock dividends, forgotten bank accounts,
insurance proceeds, utility deposits, safe deposit boxes
and similar uncollected items.

People move, die, lose track of various accounts; it all
adds up to huge dollars. After a stipulated period of time
that this money goes unclaimed, the state is notified and
then tries to track down the rightful owners of the money.

How does this affect you? Obviously, if you think you may
be the beneficiary of some of that unclaimed money, you can
contact your state's department of revenue to find out
more. The other possibility is the opportunity to help
track down the missing individuals. State resources being
slim these days, you may be able to earn a finder's fee by
locating the person.

Finder's fees can range fairly high depending on the amount
you make someone aware that they're entitled to receive.
Some states have formal rules on the fee you could be paid.
There is a concern on the states' part about overcharging
the beneficiary, so keep the fees reasonable. It is a way
to earn some money through your ability to track down
people to tell them about their unclaimed cash.

Contact your state's department of revenue for a lead on
this information and about any fee restriction or
regulation that may exist.

The federal government is a regular discount house of
values -- if you know where to look. From real estate to
cameras to animals to books to vehicles, there's "Blue
Light" specials everywhere on Capitol Hill.

There's a catch, of course. The government doesn't
advertise their sales. The listings that follow, however,
are your contact points for information. This will help
you identify and make your purchases.

This is an ongoing enterprise. Government tentacles reach
everywhere and there is a constant flow of materials coming
in be it from drug raids or IRS seizures. The Post Office
has millions of dollars in unclaimed parcels that are sold.
Repossessed homes as a result of government foreclosures
can bring you the bargain house of your lifetime.

Here are the listings, beginning with the Housing and Urban
Development Department.


Auctions of foreclosed properties are a regular
occurrence. The properties may be houses, apartments or
condominiums in various stages of attractiveness. They may
need fixing up -- in some cases, considerable work -- but
you can find that out and decide what the value is to you.
The HUD Home Line is 1-800-767-4483.

The offices:

Region 1
Room 375, Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. Federal Building,
10 Causeway St.
Boston, MA. 02222 (617) 565-5234

Field Offices:
Bangor Office
Casco Northern Bank Bldg.
First Floor
23 Main Street
Bangor, ME. 04401-6394
(207) 945-0467

Burlington Office
Room B-2B, Federal Bldg.
11 Elmwood Ave.
P.O. Box 879
Burlington, VT. 05402-0879
(802) 951-6290

Hartford Office
330 Main Street
First Floor
Hartford, CT. 06106-1860
(203) 240-4523

Manchester Office
Norris Cotton Building
275 Chestnut Street
Manchester, NH. 03101-2487
(603) 666-7458

Providence Office
330 John O. Pastore Fed. Bldg.
U.S. Post Office - Kennedy Plaza
Providence, R.I. 02903-1785
(401) 528-5351

New York
26 Federal Plaza,
New York, NY 10278-0068
(212) 264-8053

Field Offices:
Fed. Bldg.
North Pearl & Clinton Ave.
Albany, N.Y. 12207-2395
(518) 472-3567

Buffalo Leo W. O'Brien Fed. Bldg.
5th Floor, Lafayette Court
465 Main Street
Buffalo, N.Y. 14203-1780
(716) 846-5755

The Parkade Building
519 Federal Street
Camden, N.J. 08103-9998
(609) 757-5081

60 Park Place
Military Park Bldg.
Newark, N.J. 07102-5504
(201) 877-1686

Liberty Square Bldg.
105 S. 7th St.
Philadelphia, PA. 19016-3392
(215) 597-2560

Field Offices:
Third Floor, Equitable Bldg.
10 North Calvert St.
Charleston, WV. 25301-1795
(304) 347-7036

405 Capitol Street
Suite 708 Baltimore, MD. 21202
(410) 962-2520

412 Old Post Office
7th Avenue & Grant St.
Pittsburgh, PA. 15219-1939
(412) 644-6388

1st Floor, Federal Bldg.
400 North 8th Street
P.O. Box 10170
Richmond, VA. 23240-0170
(804) 771-2575

Washington, D.C.
820 First Street, NE
Washington, D.C. 20002-4205
(202) 275-8185

824 Market St. Suite 850
Wilmington, DE. 19801-3016

Richard B. Russell Federal Bldg.,
75 Spring St.
Atlanta, GA. 30303
(404) 331-4739

Field Offices:
Beacon Ridge Tower, #300
600 Beacon Parkway West
Birmingham, AL. 35209-3144
(201) 290-7617

New San Juan Office Bldg.
159 Carlos Chardon Avenue
San Juan, PR. 00918-1804
(809) 766-6121

Strom Thurmond Fed. Bldg.
1835-45 Assembly St.
Columbia, S.C. 29201-2480
(803) 765-5592

Coral Gables
Gables 1 Tower
1320 South Dixie Highway
Coral Gables, FL. 33146
(305) 662-4500

415 N. Edgeworth St.
Greensboro, N.C. 27401-2107
(919) 333-5363

Dr. A.H. McCoy Fed. Bldg.
Suite 910, 100 W. Capitol
Jackson, MS. 39269-1096
(601) 965-4738

325 West Adams Street
Jacksonville, FL. 32202-4303
(904) 791-2626

John J. Duncan Fed. Bldg.
710 Locust St. 3rd Floor
Knoxville, TN. 37902-2526
(615) 549-9384

601 W. Broadway
P.O. Box 1044
Louisville, KY. 40201-1044
(502) 582-6255

One Memphis Place
200 Jefferson Ave. #1200
Memphis, TN. 38103-2335
(901) 544-3367

251 Cumberland Bend Dr. #200
Nashville, TN. 37228-1803
(615) 736-5213

3751 Maguire Blvd. #270
Orlando, FL. 32803-3032
(407) 648-6441
Timberlake Federal Bldg. Annex #700
501 E. Polk St. Tampa, Fl. 33602-3945
(813) 228-2501

547 W. Jackson Blvd., 7th Floor,
Chicago, IL. 60661
(312) 353-5680

Field Offices:
Federal Office Bldg. Rm 9002
550 Main Street
Cincinnati, OH. 45202-3253
(513) 684-2884

One Playhouse Square #420
1375 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH. 44114-1670
(216) 522-4065

200 North High St.
Columbus, OH. 43215-2499
(614) 469-7345

Patrick V. McNamara Fed Bl
477 Michigan Avenue
Detroit, MI. 48226-2592
(313) 226-6280

605 N. Saginaw St. #200
Flint, MI. 48502-2043
(313) 766-5109

Grand Rapids
2922 Fuller Avenue, NE
Grand Rapids, MI. 49505
(616) 456-2137

151 N. Delaware St.
Indianapolis, IN. 46204-2526
(317) 226-7043

Henry S. Reuss Fed. Plaza
310 W. Wisconsin Av. #1320
Milwaukee, WI. 53203-2289
(414) 297-3214

220 Second Street South
Minneapolis, MN. 55401-2195
(612) 370-3000

509 W. Capitol St. #206
Springfield, IL. 62704
(217) 492-4085

Fort Worth
1600 Throckmorton, P.O. Box 2905,
Ft. Worth, TX. 76113
(817) 885-5505

Field Offices:
625 Truman St., NE
Albuquerque, N.M. 87110-6472
(505) 262-6472

525 Griffin St. Room 860
Dallas, TX. 75202-5007
(214) 767-8359

Norfolk Tower, Suite 200
2211 Norfolk
Houston, TX. 77098-4096
(713) 653-3274

Little Rock
Lafayette Bldg., Suite 200
523 Louisiana St.
Little Rock, AR. 72201
(501) 378-5931

1205 Texas Ave.
Lubbock, TX. 79401-4093
(806) 743-7276

New Orleans Federal Office Bldg.
Fisk Federal Bldg.
1661 Canal St. #3100
New Orleans, LA. 70112
(504) 589-7246

Oklahoma City
Murrah Federal Bldg.
200 NW 5th Street
Oklahoma City, OK. 73102-3202
(405) 231-5464

San Antonio
Washington Square
800 Dolorosa
San Antonio, TX. 78207
(512) 229-6758

Joe D. Waggoner Bldg.
500 Fannin St.
Shreveport, LA. 71101-3077
(318) 226-5402

Boston Place, Suite 110
1516 S. Boston St.
Tulsa, OK. 74119
(918) 581-7451

Kansas City
Gateway Tower II, Rm. 200
400 State Ave.
Kansas City, KS 66101-2406

Field Offices:
Des Moines
Room 259, Fed. Bldg.
210 Walnut St.
Des Moines, IA. 50309-2155
(515) 284-4215

Braiker/Brandeis Bldg.
210 South 16th St.
Omaha, NE. 68102-1622

St. Louis
Robert A Young Federal Building, 3rd Fl.
1222 Spruce St., St. Louis, MO. 63103-2836
(314) 539-6560

Executive Tower Bldg., 1405 Curtis
Denver, CO. 80202 (303) 844-6518

Field Offices:
Casper Fargo
4225 Federal Off. Bldg. Federal Building
100 East B. Street 653 2nd Avenue N.
P.O. Box 580 P.O. Box 2483
Casper, WY. 82602-1918 Fargo, N.D. 58108-2483
(307) 261-5252 (701) 239-5666

Helena Salt Lake City
Federal Office Building 324 S. State Street
301 South Park, Rm. 340 Suite 220
Drawer 10095 Salt Lake City, UT. 84111
Helena, MT. 59626-0095 (801) 524-5216
(406) 449-5283

Sioux Falls
300 N. Dakota Ave. Suite 116
"300 Bldg." Sioux Falls, SD 57102-4223
(Property handled by Denver office)


San Francisco
Phillip Burton Federal Bldg. and
U.S. Courthouse, 450 Golden Gate
P.O. Box 36003, San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 556-5900

Field Offices:

Fresno Honolulu
1630 Shaw Ave. #138 Prince Jonah Fed. Bldg.
Fresno, CA. 93710-8193 P.O. Box 50007
(209) 487-5033 Honolulu, HI. 96850-4991
(808) 541-1343

Las Vegas Los Angeles
1500 E. Tropicana #205 1615 West Olympic Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV. 89119-6516 Los Angeles, CA. 90015
(702) 388-6500 (213) 251-7136

Phoenix Reno
2 Arizona Ctr. #1600 1050 Bible Way
400 North 5th St. P.O. Box 4700
P.O. Box 13468 Reno, NV. 89505-4700
Phoenix, AZ. 85004-2361 (702) 784-5356
(602) 379-4434

Sacramento San Diego
777 12th Street #200 Room 5-3-S, Fed. Off. Bld.
Sacramento, CA. 95814-1997 880 Front Street
(916) 551-1351 San Diego, CA. 92188-0100
(619) 557-5310

Santa Ana Tucson
Box 12850 100 N. Stone Ave. #410
34 Civic Center Plaza Tucson, AZ. 85701-1467
Santa Ana, CA. 92712-2850 (602) 670-5223
(714) 836-2446


Arcade Plaza Bldg., 1321 Second Ave.
Seattle, WA. 98101 (206) 553-1700

Field Offices:
Anchorage Boise
Federal Building -U.S. Federal Building -U.S.
Courthouse Courthouse
222 West 8th Avenue #64 550 W. Fort St.
Anchorage, AK. 99513-7537 P.O. Box 042
(907) 271-4170 Boise, ID. 83724-0420
(503) 326-2671

Portland Spokane
520 SW Sixth St. Farm Credit Bank Bldg.
Portland, OR. 97204-1596 8th Fl. East W. 601 1st Av
(503) 326-2671 Spokane, WA. 99204-0317
(509) 353-2510

This concludes the Housing & Urban Development listings.

The U.S. Customs offices seize millions in
merchandise each year. E.G.& G. Dynatrend is under
contract to auction forfeited and confiscated merchandise.
Their address is: 2300 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 705,
Arlington, VA. 22201. Their phone numbers are (703) 351-
7880 and 7887.

The U.S. Customs Public Auction Line is specifically
the 703-351-7887 number. You can be placed on a mailing
list for either $25 for regional information or $50 for
national news. There are five different areas covered.

There are auctions held every nine weeks in the
following cities:

- Los Angeles, California
- Nogales, Texas
- Miami, Florida
- Edinburgh, Texas
- Houston, Texas
- Chula Vista, California
- Jersey City, New Jersey
- El Paso, Texas

Other cities hold auctions more infrequently.

Periodically, there are portions of a contractor's
inventory that remains following completion of a job. The
government paid for it, so they own it. They consider it
surplus and it's sold by a Defense branch -- the Department
of Defense Logistics Agency.

You can write to these addresses for more information
about these sales:

Boston New York
Commander Commander
Defense Contract Admin Ser Defense Contract Admin Ser
Boston Region New York Region
495 Summer Street 201 Varick Street
Boston, MA. 02210-2184 New York, N.Y. 10014-4811

Philadelphia Atlanta
Defense Contr. Admin. Serv. Defense Contr. Admin. Ser.
Philadelphia Region Atlanta Region
2800 South 20th Street 805 Walker Street
Philadelphia, PA. 19101-7478 Marietta, GA. 30060-2789

Cleveland Chicago
Commander Commander
Defense Contr. Admin. Serv. Defense Contr. Admin. Ser.
Cleveland Region Chicago Region
Federal Office Building O'Hare Int'l Airport
1240 E. Ninth Street P.O. Box 66475
Cleveland, OH. 44199-2036 Chicago, IL. 60666-0475

St. Louis Dallas
Commander Commander
Defense Contr. Admin. Serv. Defense Contr. Admin. Ser.
St. Louis Region Dallas Region
1136 Washington Avenue 1200 Main Street
St. Louis, MO. 63101-1194 Dallas, TX. 75202-4399

Los Angeles
Commander, Defense Contract Admin. Services
Los Angeles Region, 11099 South La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90045-6197

A number of items often turn up at the post office
that are undeliverable and unclaimed. These goods can
range from merchandise to household and leisure items to

The merchandise auctions are only held in 5 cities,
the largest in New York and San Francisco. If you live
close to one of these auction areas listed, by all means go
and check it out. Otherwise, it may not be worth a lengthy

Atlanta: U.S. Postal Service, Undeliverable Mails
Branch, Dead Parcels Branch, 730 Great SW
Parkway, Atlanta, GA. 30336, (404) 344-1625

New York: U.S. Postal Service, 380 West 33rd Street,
New York, N.Y. 10199, (212) 330-3800

Philadelphia: U.S. Postal Service, 2970 Market Street,
Room 531-A, Philadelphia, PA. 19104-9886
(215) 895-5140

San Francisco: U.S. Postal Service, 390 Main Street, San
Francisco, CA. 94105-9502, (415) 543-1826

St. Paul: U.S. Postal Service, 443 Fillmore Street,
St. Paul, MN. 55107, (612) 293-3082

Postal vehicles are also sold by the Post Office.
They must be purchased by cash, bank check or money order.

Alabama Alaska
U.S. Postal Service Postal Service Supply Off.
708 E. South Blvd. Vehicle Maintenance
Montgomery, AL. 36119 8221 Petersburg
(205) 244-7500 Anchorage, AK. 99507-3132
(907) 349-8900

Arizona Arkansas
U.S. Postal Service General Mail Facil. Fleet
Vehicle Maintenance Facility 4700 E. McCain Blvd.
4949 E. Van Buren N. Little Rock, AR. 72231
Phoenix, AZ. 85026 (501) 945-6710
(602) 225-3367

California Colorado
Fleet Maintenance Div. U.S. Postal Service
1300 Evans Avenue 915 S. Logan
San Francisco, CA. 94105 Denver, CO. 80209
(415) 550-5212 (303) 297-6730

Connecticut Delaware
U.S. Post Office U.S. Post Office
Vehicle Maintenance Service Vehicle Maintenance
85 Weston St. 147 Quigley Blvd.
Hartford, CT. 06101 Wilmington, DE. 19850
(203) 524-6240 (302) 323-2237

Florida Georgia
U.S. Post Office U.S. Post Office
2800 S. Adams Vehicle Maintenance Facil.
Tallahassee, FL. 32301-9998 3900 Crown Rd.
(904) 878-7268 Atlanta, GA. 30304-9721

Hawaii Idaho
U.S. Postmaster U.S. Post Office Garage
Manager, Fleet Maintenance 770 S. 13th
89 Sand Island Rd. Boise, ID. 83707
Honolulu, HI. 96819 (208) 383-4225
(808) 845-1026

Illinois Indiana
Main Post Office Garage U.S. Post Office Garage
2105 E. Cook 615 S. Capitol Avenue
Springfield, IL. 62703 Indianapolis, IN. 46225
(217) 788-7241 (317) 464-6081

Iowa Kansas
U.S. Post Office U.S. Post Office Garage
1165 Second Avenue 424 S. Kansas Avenue
Des Moines, IA. 50318-9121 Topeka, KS. 66603
(515) 283-7720 (913) 295-9167

Kentucky Louisiana
U.S. Postal Service Main Post Office Garage
1420 Gardiner Lane Vehicle Maintenance Dept.
P.O. Box 3111 750 Florida Blvd.
Louisville, KY. 40232-9111 Baton Rouge, LA. 70021
(502) 454-1891 (504) 381-0388

Maine Maryland
Main Post Office U.S. Postal Service
171 Kennebec Street 6 Waelchi Avenue
Portland, ME. 04101 Baltimore, MD. 21227
(207) 871-8467 (301) 625-8931

Massachusetts Michigan
U.S. Postal Service U.S. Post Office
135 A Street 4800 Collins Rd.
Boston, MA. 02210 Lansing, MI. 48924
(617) 654-5771 (517) 337-8736

Minnesota Mississippi
U.S. Postal Service U.S. Post Office
314 Eva Street 350 E. Silas Brown St.
St. Paul, MN. 55107 Jackson, MS. 39301-5201
(612) 349-3082 (601) 968-5784

Missouri Montana
U.S. Postal Service No auctions held. See
Vehicle Maintenance Facility San Francisco and Salt
3535 Katherine Rd. Lake City
Quincy, IL. 62301-9998
(217) 224-4950

Nebraska Nevada
U.S. Postal Service U.S. Post Office
Maintenance, 700 R St. 2000 Vassar Street
Lincoln, NE. 68501 Reno, NV. 89510-9997
(402) 473-1630 (702) 788-0626 Gov't

New Hampshire New Jersey
U.S. Post Office Main Post Office
Vehicle Maintenance Facility Vehicle Mainten. Facility
955 Goffs Falls Rd. 680 State Hwy. 130
Manchester, N.H. 03100-7221 Trenton, N.J. 08650
(603) 644-4022 (609) 581-3089

New Mexico New York
U.S. Post Office U.S. Postal Garage
1135 Broadway, N.E. 201 11th Avenue
Albuquerque, NM 87101 New York, N.Y. 10199-9721
(505) 848-3887 (212) 330-4904

North Carolina North Dakota
U.S. Postal Office U.S. Post Office
310 Newborne Avenue 220 E. Rosser Ave.
Raleigh, NC 27611 Bismarck, N.D. 58501
(919) 831-3702 (701) 221-6517

Ohio Oklahoma
U.S. Postal Service Main Post Office
850 Twin River Drive Vehicle Services
Columbus, OH. 43216 320 S.W. 5th Street
(614) 469-4255 Oklahoma City, OK. 73125
(405) 278-6159

Oregon Pennsylvania
U.S. Post Office Philadelphia Post Office
Vehicle Maintenance Facility Garage
918 NW Park Avenue 30th and Chestnut
Portland, OR. 97208 Philadelphia, PA. 19104
(503) 294-2444 (215) 895-9297

Rhode Island South Carolina Postal Serv.
Postal Service U.S. Post Office
Vehicle Maintenance 1601 Asembly St.
Providence RI 02904 Columbia, SC 29201-9122
(401) 276-6800 (803) 733-4692

South Dakota Tennessee
U.S. Postal Service U.S. Post Office Garage
Vehicle Maintenance Facility 707 Chestnut Street
500 E. Boulevard Nashville, TN. 37229-9721
Rapid City, SD 57701-5709
(605) 394-8648

Texas Utah
U.S. Postal Service U.S. Post Office
10410 Perrin Beitel Vehicle Maintenance Dept.
San Antonio, TX. 78284 1760 W. 2100 S.
(512) 657-8528 Salt Lake City, UT. 84199
(801) 974-2350

Vermont Virginia
U.S. Postal Service U.S. Post Office Garage
Vehicle Maintenance Facility 1001 School Street
1800 Page Blvd. Richmond, VA. 23232
Springfield, MA. 01152-9721 (804) 775-6155
(413) 785-6383

Washington, D.C. Washington (state)
U.S. Postal Service U.S. Postal Service
Fleet Operations 3825 S. Warren
980 V. St. NE Tacoma, WA. 98409
Washington, D.C. 20018-9601
(202) 832-0158

West Virginia Wisconsin
U.S. Post Office U.S Postal Service
Vehicle Maintenance Facility Vehicle Maintenance
602 Donnelly St. Madison, WI. 53703
Charleston, WV. 25301-9721 (608) 246-1300
(304) 357-4158


Naturally, the Internal Revenue Service has been
known to seize a few items themselves. They generally
auction these goods off to raise money for back taxes and
penalties owed by the person whose property has been
confiscated. You can get on their mailing list by calling
their HOT LINE:

(800) 829-1040

Other hot-line numbers:

- San Francisco (415) 556-5021
- Seattle (206) 553-0703
- Los Angeles (213) 894-5777
- Sacramento (916) 978-5520
- New York City (718) 780-4020

The IRS may prove to be your ally yet!


The other phone numbers of importance may belong to
the Federal Supply Service Bureau who can give you more
information about General Services Administration Auctions.
Those listings:

National Capitol Region
National Surplus & Sales Center
Federal Supply Service Bureau
6808 Loisdale Rd.
Springfield, VA. 22150
Hot-line: (703) 557-7796

Region One Region Two
Federal Serv. Supply Bur. Federal Serv. Supply Bur.
10 Causeway St. 4#2FBP-1 26 Federal Plaza #2FBB-2
Boston, MA. 02222 New York, N.Y. 10278
Hotline: (617) 565-7326 Hotline: (800) 488-SALE

Region Three Region Four
Federal Service Supply Bur Federal Service Supp. Bur.
Personal Property Sales General Services Admin.
841 Chestnut St. #540 404 West Beach St. #4FBB
Philadelphia, PA. 19107 Atlanta, GA. 30365
(215) 597-7253 (404) 331-5177

Region Five Region Six
General Services Admin. Excess Property Sales
Federal Supply Serv. Bur GSA Federal Supply Bureau
Sales Serv, Mail Staff 34-5 #6FP-P
230 S. Dearborn St. 440 College Blvd.
Chicago, IL. 60604 Overland Park, KS. 66211
(312) 353-0246 (913) 236-2500

Region Seven Region Eight
General Services Admin. General Services Admin.
819 Taylor Street Federal Supply Serv. Bur.
Fort Worth, TX. 76102 Building 41
(817) 334-2352 Denver Federal Center
Denver, CO. 80226
(303) 236-7705

Region Nine Region Ten
525 Market St. 29th Floor General Services Admin.
San Francisco, CA. 94105 Excess Personal Property
(415) 774-5240 400 15th Street SW
Auburn, WA. 98001
(206) 931-7763


In the 1980s, there were a vast number of savings &
loans failures and the U.S. Government contracted with the
Resolution Trust Corporation to dispose of personal
property and assets accumulated during the last few years.

There is a wide inventory that is constantly
changing. The key contacts:

The Affordable Housing Disposition Program


Resolution Trust Corporation
National Assets Specific Inquiry
Program: (800) 431-0600

Regional Assets Sales Hotline
(800) 348-1484
For real estate: (800) 782-3006.


You're in business now!

These are a wide assortment of contact listings for
you to begin your new career in the buying and selling
business. People are going to buy goods -from you or
someone else. Why not take advantage of the outstanding
savings you can achieve by using the government to do your
acquisitions for you.

You always thought the government only took taxes
from you. Here's a chance to get some back! Of course, it
will probably increase your taxes as your income goes up,
but that's a good problem to have, right?

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