Find Your “Happy Place” For New Year's Success!

by Hans Klein

You may call me crazy. but it's true.

When I recently saw one of my favorite movies, "Happy Gilmore" staring Adam Sandler, I realized that this movie has an extremely important success principle that you should know about to achieve success in the new year.

Let me explain:

In the movie, the main character, Happy, can't find a stable job and can't seem to make his dream of playing hockey come true.

..And after Happy fails to make the hockey team for the 11th time, his girlfriend gets fed up and leaves other words, his life seems like a complete failure.

Then his life turns around when he makes a very important promise to his Grandmother and himself that he will get her house back from the government, which may be auctioned off unless Happy comes up with $270,000 in 90 days.

So, what does this have to do with success?

You see, soon after he made that promise to his grandmother, he realized that he had an amazing talent to drive a golf ball, which he developed as a hockey player.

..And by stating his desire to make enough money to get his grandmother's house back, new solutions began to appear that would have otherwise gone by unnoticed.

Do you have any hidden opportunities around you? You'll only find them if you make it known to yourself and to others what you are looking for.

Once Happy becomes a professional golfer and starts taking home big checks, the antagonist 'Shooter McGavin' hires a man to intimidate Happy while he is golfing, so he will not win the championship.

This strategy of intimidation takes its toll on Happy, and Happy's game falls apart because his mind becomes clouded with self-doubt and intense irritation.

Although it looks as if Happy won't get the house back after all, Happy's strong desire to accomplish his promise and goal attracts a mentor to him who recognizes Happy's skill and determination to succeed.

His mentor, Chubbs, teaches him how to overcome his mental obstacles and this is what he says:

"Happy, go to your happy place. Picture what you really want and go there." When happy does this he pictures his grandmother winning the lottery, a new girlfriend, and other pictures of his most wildest and successful dreams.

With this picture in his mind Happy easily overcomes all obstacles with confidence and defeats "Shooter Mcgavin" in a stunning victory to win his grandmother's house back.

So, here's the success principle that you can use to bring the success you desire in the new year. I like to call it:

The "Happy Place" Success Principle - Once you've decided what you want picture yourself there. I like to call this your "Happy Place." By picturing your "happy place" doubt and fear will disappear because you are certain of what you want and your mind will become clear.

Now, its up to you to take action on this principle. You may even want to start by getting a piece of paper and writing down what you want if it could be anything. Whether you want:

Possibilities for getting what you want and achieving success in the new year will appear like magic once you decide what you want, picture yourself already having it, and make it well-known to yourself and others.

. And if you have not seen this movie and you have a good sense of humor check this movie out to see what else you can learn about success!

© Hans Klein

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