The Different Ways YOU Can Make Money Just By Running Your Own Website From Home

Even With CFS/FM!

by Claire Williams
The average home based business household earns $50,250 a year. This is almost double the $26,000 annual salary of the average U.S. employee. About 20 percent of all home business households earn in excess of $75,000 a year.
- Entrepreneur Magazine 2004

For those of you who have given up, thinking that your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia has prevented you from ever having great financial success, think again.

Okay, so you can't hold down a job. That's fine! Because what you CAN do... work from home!

In the past issues, I've talked about how you can work from home by running your own money-making website. It's a great way to earn money. But how exactly DO you make money from running your own website???

Lots of ways!


Some ways are more energy-demanding than others! So here are some of the most 'convenient' ways to make a long-term income when you have CFS/FM:

1) Have advertisers (such as Google's 'Adsense' program) pay YOU to put adverts on your website.

This is by far the best AND easiest way to earn money from home.

This is because all YOU have to do is write about the topic of your choice throughout your website, to attract enough visitors to your website! Unlike other monetization options, you don't even have to do any 'selling'!


Well, in basic terms, Google gives you a code, which automatically generates small adverts on your website.

If a visitor just CLICKS on an advert, YOU GET SOME MONEY!


So think how much you could make if you plaster that Google Adsense code on each web page you have in your website?

Thousands of webmasters are using Google Adsense on their websites and earning a very good living from it!

Definitely worth checking out! Especially because it's free to join!

So what are the other ways that can make you money if you had your own website?...

2) Sell your OWN electronic product/s on your website!

I suggest that you make and sell your own electronic products (like an e-book for example) because these are the cheapest, least time-consuming, and most profitable products you could sell on the Internet.

And if you're going to spend your precious energy, you might as well spend it on something that's very easy and cheap to do, and that's a worthwhile income earner.

And when you write your own ebook, you get to keep 100% of the profits! What a nice little earner!

3) Sell other people's products on your website.

The easiest, most hassle-free way to do this is to join a few 'Affiliate Programs'. An Affiliate Program is where an online shop gives you your own individual code. You place that code on your website.

If a visitor clicks on your code and BUYS from that online shop, the shop will pay you commission.

Commission rates vary from 5% to 50% depending on which affiliate program you join. So you can make good money from this monetizing option.

4) 'Referrers Fees' or 'Finders Fees'.

Find local businesses and negotiate a deal with them so that they'll pay you commission for every paying customer that you refer to them.

The best way of generating an on-going income is to use **more than one** of these options to make money on your website.

There are LOTS of other ways to make money on the Internet just by having a website. But alas, this article must come to an end at some point! I'll cover all of the above, and other ways to make money online in forthcoming issues.

So there you are, a quick overview of a few different ways in which you CAN earn money from home.

And not just good money - but a long-term income. Remember those figures in the quote at the start of this article - 20% of all home business households earn in excess of $75,000 a year (approximately 42,000 GBP or 61,000 Euros)!

Think about it.

It's easy. It's do-able.

And it can be done, whether you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Fibromyalgia, or not.

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