How to Keep Coffee Hot Without Electricity

by Lonnie Lee Best
Coffee Addict

I like the feeling I get when I use minimum resources to get what I want. Today I want to drink one pot of coffee in increments of one cup per hour for ten hours.  I want each cup of coffee to be (at least almost) as hot as the first cup (I usually like to let the first cup cool off a little). Plus, I don't want the concentration (water to coffee ratio) to change like it normally does from allowing the coffee maker to heat it (dehydrating it) all day.

Preserve Hot Coffee without Wasting Electricity

After brewing a pot of coffee, pour it into a Pump Pot Thermos. The coffee will stay hot and fresh all day. You'll reduce your electric expenses, and you'll waste less coffee.


Here's the solution I found. Since I like the way my coffee maker makes coffee, I'm going to continue to let it make the coffee for me. However, my coffee maker does a poor job of preserving the coffee throughout the day. So last night, I went to Wal-Mart and I purchased a pump pot thermos.  After making a pot of coffee, I pour it into this special thermos, and seal it shut.  This special thermos has a "push button pump" on the top of it that allows the coffee to be poured into your cup without opening the thermos. Traditional thermoses allow more heat to escape during extraction because their design requires you to unscrew, unseal, and expose the precious coffee while pouring it.

Using this Method for Preserving Hot Coffee will:

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