When You Don't Get What You Expect; Inspect What You Got!

by Richard Vegas

What do you do when everything goes wrong? What do you do when there is no place to turn? What do you do when today is just not your day and tomorrow isn't looking too good either? What do you do when you tell everyone what you need and all they tell you is how to get along without it?

A Force To Be Reckoned With!

Did you know there is a definite way to link up with the best things life has to offer? Did you know that there are blessings ready to crawl all over you right now? Blessings are everywhere you turn. I can just hear someone right now; "Vegas, you're just a few grapes short of a fruit salad."

Consider this: does it seem strange that no one thinks it is abnormal to believe that bad things might happen to them? Consider this: If I say something like, "that's just my dumb luck" and you hear me say it, would you think it is strange? No! In general, most people would not.

Those words don't sound foreign to our hearing. We hear them all our lives. We don't even give it a second thought when we hear someone say something that would be detrimental to their well being. We just accept it as a part of life.

Consider this: If I say, "Everything in my life always goes perfect!" And, you hear me say it; would that sound strange to you? Sure it would. There seems to be something inside of us that resists saying something good about ourselves.

Believe In Yourself!

It may be the fear that we will jinx ourselves if we say it, or that we don't want to sound like we are boasting or bragging. So, if you heard me say that, would you think I'm lying? Well, let me for the record right here and now say; "Everything in my life always goes perfect!"

How you say? It is easy when you consider that it's not a matter of circumstances. The problem is; it's not easy to not consider the circumstances! The circumstances are there; they're like bugs crawling all over us.

Everywhere we turn we feel like we have to figure out an answer to this and that. And, if we don't, we get as nervous as a pregnant possum; which just ads to the feeling that we are going to end up like death warmed over.

A Bird's Eye View!

Even though the circumstances are striking fear inside of us; the real issue is not what is happening at the moment. The circumstances can be bad, if we use the traditional definition of bad circumstances. Yes, things can be bad. But, life is more than circumstances!

Life is about living. And, you're not living when you're being pushed around by bad circumstances. Consider this: When you are living under your circumstances, you are being pushed around by something that can't touch you.

The circumstances can't break your leg or eat you. All they can really do is to give you a good case of foot in mouth disease. And, all too frequently, that's exactly what happens.

The Burning Question!

Think about something! There can be the biggest storm you have ever faced swirling all around you at any given moment. But, the circumstances i.e.: the storm, are not what is going to beat you. Do you know what the only thing that can beat you is? You ready? Losing the fire of desire!

What is the fire of desire? The fire of desire is the mechanism inside of you that says; "Everything in my life always goes perfect." You know; that rusty mechanism inside you that you haven't oiled in six months. I'm teasing, don't you get mad at me.

Oh! That again. Yeah, and you know something; your Spirit man is just waiting for you to say something like that so he can bring those words to pass.

You say; how can you be so sure? Because circumstances can always change. But, you will find it excruciatingly painful to see good things happen by happenstance. I do not want to live by happenstance.

A Real Can Of Worms!

Unless you use the power of words, and not just any words, you will not be feeding any fuel to the fire of desire. Using words like; "that's just my dumb luck," etc. also feeds fuel to the mechanism, but, that fuel is sour.

And, sour fuel will bring about sour circumstances. Now listen; it really does not matter whether you believe this works or not right now. You can school yourself into believing it and then it will become more powerful.

Just start saying this out loud every day; "No matter what happens to me, I win!" I guarantee you if you will do that for thirty days, you will believe it, because it will have changed a lot of negative circumstances into positive circumstances.

Even though it may sound crazy, negative circumstances are affected by positive words coming out of your mouth. Negative circumstances are also made worse by negative words coming out of your mouth.

Cool Your Jets!

Someone said to me one time; oh! You're one of those blab it and grab it guys! Hey, I didn't design the system, I'm not the one that makes it work the way it does. It may not make a bit of sense, but I don't care. I got better things to do than to rub where there's already a rash.

And something else, if the fire of desire is diminished before the circumstances change, you won't be able to recognize the opportunity when it comes.

If your fire is burning low and you're not sure how to rekindle it, let me give you a few hints. The fire needs fuel. What is the fuel? The fuel is somehow generated by your sub-conscious as you feed on the right kinds of words.

The words that you say, the words that you read will supply your sub-conscious the fuel it needs to keep the fire of desire burning.

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet!

The words that you say and the words that you read will also choke off the fuel that the sub-conscious needs to keep the fire burning.

Be very careful what you say. It may seem like an insignificant thing, but the sub-conscious doesn't care. It will soak up words like a sponge and hold them in memory for later use; to either benefit you or hurt you.

I Don't Suffer From Stress, I'm A Carrier!

So, inspect carefully what you got, and, if you find yourself stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea; it is time to let the fire of desire burn a trail through you a mile wide and a yard deep. Don't let circumstances make a Zombie out of you.

Richard Vegas ©

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