How to Understand Internet Opportunities Realistically
by Alwyn Botha

Let me first define some of the vocabulary in the way I will be using it.

Context means being aware of the significance of the bigger picture
background environment, and to consider this as relevant

Internet Context:
Internet context more specifically means being aware of the
significance of appropriately prioritized Internet bigger
picture environment within the overall global bigger picture

Internet context example:
How to understand the profit potential of your Internet
efforts realistically (in context):

Disclaimer: I did not scientifically research these figures.
It is only used to illustrate the principle of context. Your
click-mileage may vary.

How many people surf the Internet monthly? 30,000,000

How many of those people visit the top 10 general audience websites ? 10,000,000

How many of those people visit the top industry websites relating to your business? 100,000

How many of those people visit the other major, established websites competing against yours for website visitors? 90,000

How many of those people will find your website amongst all those others? 10,000

How many of those people will do more at your website than just 'look around' ? 5,000

How many of those people will actually buy something from you - sales spread evenly over the next 12 months? 500

How many of those people will frequently buy from you? 100

Why are you so surprised at your low number of visitors and even lower number of sales ???

Maybe you do not fully understand Internet opportunities realistically (in context) yet. Certainly, this is not your fault, considering all the hype and success stories out there.

How does one make sense out all that (get a true, realistic perspective) ?

Your to do list for gaining realistic, in context understanding of the Internet opportunity you want to focus on: ---------------------------------------------------------------

- Do thorough research to determine exactly how many website are all doing exactly the same - similar to the opportunity you have in mind - Immediately come to the conclusion that if you are now also going to offer exactly the same products and services as these numerous, well-established websites (businesses) you have no hope of succeeding. - Differentiate yourself as well as your business products and solutions from 'the rest' (those 100's of websites all providing exactly the same)

Me-too sameness leads to me-too low-profits, like all the other me-too's.

Failing to understand your Internet opportunity in context means failing to understand the realistic, true size of your opportunity.

This leads to unrealistic expectations about the profit potential of your opportunity.

As if this is not enough, you want to achieve the ultimate, longer-term profit potential of your efforts in Internet time (overnight).


You need to understand your Internet efforts within its appropriate size context as well as within the appropriate time context - the length of time it takes to be a success must be realistic.


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