Honor In Doing Business On The Internet

by Bill Thomas

Regardless of the world we now live in, with heinous crimes, parent killing, child killing, drugs, thievery, cheating, sex, and on and on, the most respected quality in anyone still remains as "honor".

If you guide your life and business dealings with your approach as being honorable, you will gain respect of everyone. Even the dirt bags cannot help but respect you.

This one little word is the guiding light that makes you like what you see when you look in the mirror. It also makes you feel at peace with yourself.

So why the dissertation on morality?

Well, believe it or not, the internet is a community. The saying "It's a small world" also translates into "It's a small internet". The word gets around and if you operate a shaky operation, believe me, it will be known.

Why do you shop at the "Mom and Pop" store at the corner even though their prices are higher than the chain stores? Simple, you trust them. You know they are honorable people.

I spent 10 years on a police department and my every move was predicated on honor. As a result, I got an outstanding service award. So I guess I did the right thing. If I were a guest speaker at a police academy graduation exercise, my theme would be "honor". It is that important.

The same principle applies to doing business on the Internet. For a lot of you, no, for the majority of you, this is your first experience of being in business for yourself. You are struggling with building sites, marketing and learning.

We learn as we go, but building trust is your main desire and learning honor is your first or should be your first priority. Without trust, you will fail, even on the internet. Build trust with honor.

On my Ezine site, I endorse certain marketing tools. There are a select few and that is because I am very choosey about whose products I endorse. The first criteria is that they must be nice people. No matter how great the product, if the vendor is a jerk, his product will not be endorsed on my site. That's because I abhor associating with anyone that I don't feel is the ultimate, honorable person. I just can't tolerate them.

Maybe that is unreasonable or petty, but sorry, that is the way I am.

But, there are thousands of other people like me on the internet. You will not get their business if the word gets around that you are less than 100% honorable.

In this "no face" way of doing business, you have to be so honorable that it oozes through your website, because no one has anyway of personally looking at you and forming a judgment.

I call people up and talk to them. At least I can make a judgment by voice inflection. One good sign is the site that list a phone number for you to make personal contact.

There is another tell tale quality to judge by and I have another editorial all lined up on this subject, but the quality is responsiveness. If they don't respond to phone or email contact, write them off.

I know most of them are long distance and you hesitate to spend the money to call. Do you know that if you dial 10-10-636 before dialing a long distance number, that you are only charged 5 cents a minute, 24 hours a day? It is also tax deductible if it is business related.

Think about it! If everyone expects this type of quality, think of how the net would be cleaned up, at least to a certain extent. Just like crime, you can never get rid of it, you can only chip away at it.

Do you know how you despise that slinky, crawling, sneaky snake? Don't become one yourself by accident.

Let honor always be your guide.

Queen City Consultants is owner and publisher of The Write Track domiciled at http://www.queencityconsultants.com. QCC also offers a free electronic greeting card service at http://www.egreetingcards.org

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