Can You Die From Internet Marketing Ignorance?

Avoiding *Two Fatally Serious* Mistakes.

by Mona Decker

Are you one of those searching for the Holy Grail of Internet marketing success? Ignoring solid, common-sense information written by knowledgeable individuals is not physically fatal, but it can lead to ==Dead Broke==. Ignorance does not mean stupidity. In this context it means IGNORING good information that is readily available and experienced based.

The purpose of this article is to keep you from joining the Dead-Broke bunch. You don't want to run with that crowd.

If you're one of the thousands who annually set out to seek their fortune selling on the Internet, please WATCH OUT for two deadly errors that can cost you money and waste your time.

* IGNORING bad information because you're uninformed. There are online marketing sharks whose only goal is to separate you from your hard-earned money, by selling you products that have little or no practical value.

* IGNORING good, solid information from legitimate Internet marketers who have made the trip and survived the learning curve before you.

Actually, the vast majority who want their own Internet powered home business, quickly abandon their quest after succumbing to an affliction called "Massive Information Overload Syndrome".

It starts out when they innocently pull up an interesting website or online article. Then the unwarned victim begins to follow one link to another and then another. Without knowing what happened, they've strayed so far from where they began, they are totally lost. Hopelessly mired hip-deep in massive amounts of unrelated and fragmented information.

Symptoms can be distressing. The mental friction and cranial pressure causes the eyeballs and eardrums to bulge and the poor guy (or gal) is forced to wrap their head with duct-tape to keep it from exploding. After one or two of these episodes, many newbies become confused and lose their interest in online marketing altogether.

I know all about it because I was one of those unfortunate victims. But, I didn't quit. I just used a lot of duct-tape (and got more focused).

There are those who manage to "carry on". However, many of these poor souls then blindly dive head-long into a sea of hungry Internet sharks and squander their hard-earned cash on questionable training materials. This brings us to Mistake #1 to avoid:


Don't IGNORE the vultures of the Internet. They can smell *newbie blood* and they'll circle in a frenzy looking for the opportunity to separate the novice from his money.

How do you spot them? They usually offer you a *get rich quick*, *no effort on your part* product or program that is your ticket to instant fame and fortune (the over-hype). Don't ignore the over-hype. A little bit of hype is normal in all areas of life and especially in marketing. Otherwise, nothing would ever get sold. It's the over-hype you have to watch-out for.

Also, closely watch the word FR~EE. Now, there's nothing wrong with a legitimate online marketer offering a fr~ee eBook (or some other item) as an enticement for you to take a closer look at a quality product they they honestly offer at a reasonable price. That's good marketing.

It's quite another thing when Internet vermin give you the unrealistic impression that you can become an easy, overnight *Online Marketing Star* absolutely fr~ee and with little to no effort on your part. I guarantee that anything offered for fr~ee will sooner or later result in your wallet becoming lighter. In the case of unscrupulous marketers -- much lighter.

Nothing is ultimately fr~ee or effortless... NOTHING! We all know deep-down that this is the truth. But, what happens? We let our dreams and enthusiasm kick our brain out of gear and then we become vulnerable and then IGNOR-ANT. We ignor common-sense and good-judgement and make purchases we later regret.

However, the legitimate online marketer may also offer a fr~eebie in hopes that you'll eventually buy what he's selling. Nothing wrong with that. That's "free enterprise". There are many helpful products that are introduced first through a fr~ee enticement. The difference is... the legitimate product actually does what it claims and stands up to personal scrutiny. The inferior product offered by the unscrupulous marketer, under-delivers bigtime.


Don't IGNORE good, solid, experienced-based information from those legitimate online marketers who have successfully navigated the Internet marketing learning curve and offer great tips on how YOU can become earn a living online.

I'm referring to basic, common-sense information that you may acquire from reading articles authored by people who are or have been successful Internet marketers.

For example, suppose you read ten different articles by ten different authors and they all say, "owning your own opt-in Email list is absolutely vital for Internet marketing success". When that many experienced marketers are in agreement, take notice and don't ignore that lesson. It just might be that all ten have independently discovered a basic truth about online marketing. And, by the way, owning your own list *IS* important.

If, on the other hand, you read an ad or article by a self proclaimed Internet marketing super guru dude (or dude-ess) who states a radically apposing viewpoint... BEWARE!

That person might say that having your own opt-in list is not that important, but buying their product is the ONLY way to success. Do you then ignore the experience-based information of the ten in favor or the over-hyped, over priced product of the self-proclaimed guru?

There are many fine, upstanding and honest online marketing experts who offer legitimate and reasonably-priced eBooks and other training materials. I'm not against online marketing. I do it myself. What I *am* against is the infestation of this industry with unscrupulous marketers who only want your hard-earned money and will knowingly sell you products of little value to get it.

This is where not being IGNOR-ANT becomes important. The purpose of this article is to make you aware of two of the most deadly mistakes novices can make:

#1 The inability or unwillingness to IGNORE bad information caused by being uninformed.

#2 Actively IGNORING good, experienced-based information.

Hopefully, I've done a good job. Now you're informed.

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