Success Requires New Thinking

How To Succeed in Today's Internet Market

by Gary Dawson

Have you ever wondered why so many people have been online for so long and never made any real money?

In the early 1990's, when the Internet was new and online businesses just a dream, it was understandable that many would try and fail in their own online business. After all, the Internet was unproven territory.

Fast forward to 2003. By now shouldn't there be so many proven and effective methods of online success that everyone would succeed? Yet success still eludes the majority.

It has been well said that "if we try to solve new challenges using old thinking we will end up with frustration as the result."

I propose that one reason so many people have modest results is that they are facing the NEW challenges of the Internet using OLD information.

It is certainly true that online marketers must understand the basic truths of how to use autoresponders, what type of sales copy creates orders, how to advertise and more.

But there are hundreds of sites, and hundreds of gurus, teaching these things now. If this type of thinking was the only thing needed certainly the thousands of people who buy the "how to" information would all succeed?

We need new information in order to meet the new challenges we face in 2003.

What are the challenges facing us in 2003 that require new thinking? Here are only three.

  1. An entire "filtering" industry is rising whose sole intent is to stop marketing messages from reaching the intender recipient. While the original intention may have been good, these filters hurt honest marketers as well as the crooks they were intended to punish.
  2. Web copy is beginning to look the same on more an more web sites. Will the same look and feel really persuade people to buy no matter what the product?
  3. Search engines change their submission rules almost weekly now. If there was ever new thinking needed, it is in the area of helping the average person actually get listed on the search engines, much less achieve a number three position.

How can we quickly and easily acquire the new knowledge we need? While staying current on the Internet can be challenging, here are three powerful starting points.

  1. Forums. Even the most experienced marketer needs to brainstorm. Where do the legends of Internet marketing go when they need fresh ideas? They go to the many forums on the Internet. These forums (mostly free) are the breeding ground of new ideas. Find these forums and participate in them and you will find the inside track to what is working now on the Internet.
  2. Specialized Search Directories. While many of us will make a trip to Google or Yahoo this week, there are many specialized directories on the Internet. These smaller directories can save huge amounts of time since they often deal with only one subject.

    How specialized are these directories? One deals with only ezine advertising. Another lists only articles that you can use for free in your ezine. Another lists only affiliate opportunities. There are literally hundreds of these directories online.
  3. Sites Dedicated to New Information. A number of websites are dedicated to nothing more than sharing new and powerful information about techniques that are working now. These sites don't simply rehash what *has* worked in the past, but are involved with discussing, testing and sharing what is working now.

As Internet business people we need both an influx of new ideas as well as the ability to reshape our thinking to accommodate new challenges. Let me encourage you to try new things, find new solutions and educate yourself about the cutting-edge techniques that today's marketers use to succeed.

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On the Internet the more you know the more you earn. Gary Dawson is an experienced Internet marketer who finds his new ideas at Would you like to learn what's working right NOW on the Internet? How about learning from some of the greatest minds? Visit now.

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