Mother Of Invention Or Dummy? You Decide!

by Richard Vegas

What would you say to yourself if when faced with a severe problem that could potentially devastate your lifestyle? What would happen if you "did" the first thing that came into your mind? Would you be proud of yourself? Analyze what Jim did and see how you would measure up.

Jim had worked hard all his life and had become very wealthy. He had achieved what most people could only dream about. At over fifty years old, he was at the pinnacle of his life.

Ah! The Easy Street Illusion!

He owned real estate, yachts, and was in all respects set for life. Then something devastating happened. He learned his accountant had been re-directing his company's assets by the sum of over a hundred million dollars. Jim discovered his company was broke.

He had invested his whole life in the company. He had no other assets of any kind. The accountant was a long time close friend which made it even more painful.

It was discovered he funneled money into off shore bank accounts and then he hi-tailed it out of the country to join up with all the stolen money. And, Jim became the complete picture of defeat.

Jim began saying to himself, "it's no use", "you'll never overcome this at your age". You've heard those kind of thoughts before. You know when that little voice inside your head starts telling you, "dummy you have messed up now".

Dummy? For Better Or Worse!

Well, that's when Jim's little dummy voice started playing hard ball. That little demon said, "Jim take that gun out of the desk drawer and use it". It told him that he was a dummy for letting someone else handle his company assets, and, that was the answer to his dilemma.

Jim knew he would be worth a lot more dead. But, something happened that Jim didn't plan on. A close friend, by chance, walked in as he was taking it out of the desk drawer.

The first thing the friend said to Jim was; "what are you saying to yourself Jim"?

Go ahead, Make My Day!

If you've been reading my articles for any length of time, you know that words are the most powerful motivators. Through one word you can motivate others and yourself. If you say "I can" to another person, that is suggestion.

If you say "I can" to yourself, that is self suggestion. Words have meaning. And when speaking words you need to be very specific. For that's when a meeting of the minds takes place. The meeting occurs to resolve the meaning of the words spoken. The wrong word spoken to one's self can cause an inner war and even death.

The dummy words spoken to yourself will interfere with accurate reasoning and cause you to reach wrong conclusions all because you started with a faulty foundation, i.e. the "dummy" words.

It becomes a vicious cycle. Your mind becomes like a typewriter going to the end of one line, hit the carriage return and re-type the same line over and over again.

When your conclusions are continually being reinforced from a faulty premise, your actions are going to be most detrimental to the results you want. And, then you may reach into that desk drawer. And, not for a bottle of aspirin either.

Some "dummy" words!

If you find the following words or expressions frequently coming out of your mouth, or even thinking them in wrong context, then start making a conscious effort to plug'em. Never- impossible- only- no- one- can't- nothing- always- everyone. Dummy Words!!

These dummy words are often associated with a wrong belief somewhere and, you're setting yourself up for the proverbial bird of paradise to fly over the top of your head and drop a little present on you. :>) Don't you get mad at me now.

But, Meet The Mother of Invention!

"Necessity". What a word. When used with the proper mindset, necessity, can be the mother of all your inventions. And, that's good. If it is used with a dummy mindset, it will become the excuse you use when you explain, to your wife, how that prostitute just wandered in off the street and found herself in your bed, to your shock and dismay. Duh....Necessity.

Every worthwhile achievement you have ever attained came from the premise, "necessity". Every lie, deception, and fraud ever committed came from the premise, "necessity".

Ask a real pro!

Ask anyone in prison why they stole, murdered, deceived or whatever, and they will say, "The devil made me do it". Nah....that's a lie, I just wanted to see if you were awake. Although, I guess some of them might say that. :>). No, they say, "I had to".

They allowed themselves to become dishonest because of telling themselves, over and over, with that little dummy voice inside their head, that necessity forces people to become dishonest. Remember that stupid typewriter above?

Necessity, coming from the wrong premise, will waste lives, destroy peace of mind, undermine a physical body with disease, and spread fear and disaster at every turn. Not to mention, give you tape worms. Nah...I'm kidding, about the tape worms that is. :>))

But, there is a silver lining. I bet you're glad to hear that. Fortunately, for us, the universe has a way of neutralizing the evil that takes place through necessity, by using "necessity" to create a life of good deeds and blessings. That sounds like a head shaker.

Will The Real "Necessity" Please Stand Up!

Our friend Jim above, was faced with an option of the two "necessities". Necessity told him that the end was near. That all the lights were about to be turned out on him. Necessity told Jim that his family would be better off without him. That side of necessity is a liar.

Jim almost lost the battle with himself that day. But, on that day he won a great personal victory. Victory is what happens when a person keeps trying.

It was in this moment of remorse, when he was being overcome with self condemnation, that he heard the "other" voice inside his head say, "stand up on the inside".

Many times after a person has suffered a personal defeat with himself, the grief becomes so emotional that he becomes extremely motivated to make the changes "necessary" to take him to victory. And, now Jim was ready.

Once Jim chose the right "necessity", he suddenly had peace of mind and spirit. His friend helped him to see the "real" battle was in his mind and not in his bank account. His subsequent actions proved this to be correct.

Jim discovered he could direct his thoughts, control his emotions, and ordain his destiny. Then he became clean in thought and habit. Which one of your "necessities" are standing?

Richard Vegas ©2002

About the Author

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