How To Find Profitable Joint Venture Deals
By Theodore Hansson

As I explain in detail in my program - "How To Make A Fortune On The Internet... The Smart and Easy Way... Even Without a Web Site!" - when you're looking for potential Web sites to do joint ventures with, you would start your search on the Internet using search engines.

If you want to do it the hard way, you could simply go ahead and use individual search engines when looking for profitable sites.

However, everyone is looking for the easiest way of doing things and I assume you're no different. So let's go ahead and simplify this.

Here's how you do it.

Instead of using individual search engines one-at-a-time, I've found an easier way for you to do it by using a software "tool" to query as many of the best search engines as possible - all at once. You'd do that by using a free search tool called Copernic 2001.

Copernic 2001 is an incredible program. This search tool will let you quickly and easily simultaneously query multiple Internet search engines to find the potential sites your are looking for fast and efficiently.

Here's How It Works
Copernic 2001 organizes information sources into categories.

Some of the categories are:

For our Joint Venture searching we're mainly interested in the first category, "The Web".

In "The Web" category are search engines and directories like Yahoo, AltaVista, Google, HotBot, Excite and 13 others.

So, to begin your search, you would simply select The Web category and enter your query. Now, a query can be a word (called a keyword) or a series of words (called key phrase).

You would simply ask your questions in plain English or use keywords or key phrases.

You can choose your query to match:

Copernic 2001 then queries all of the sites in your chosen category (The Web) and retrieves the results for you quickly and efficiently. It then even removes duplicates and sorts and displays your hits ranked by relevance.

If you want to, you can further refine your search or select pages for viewing in your browser or in Copernic 2001's built-in result explorer.

The keywords you search for are even highlighted in the results and in pages viewed using the result explorer.

As I fully explain in my program, you would then simply start looking at the different Web sites found by Copernic 2001 and start making your contacts. It's really that easy.

This program works quickly and produces excellent potential joint venture partners for you.

As you can see, Copernic 2001 is quite a program. You'll get relevant, high quality results much faster this way, rather than using individual search engines, because Copernic 2001 accesses and searches several of the biggest search engines and directories simultaneously.

3 Different Versions
There are 3 different versions in the Copernic 2001 lineup.

  1. Copernic 2001 Basic
  2. Copernic 2001 Plus
  3. Copernic 2001 Pro

The number of categories and information sources depends on the version you select. Of course you get more "bells and whistles" with the fee based versions than the free one. But to get you started, you can simply download the free version to try it out before you decide to get the more powerful Plus or Pro version.

The Basic Version
The only free version is called Copernic 2001 Basic. It's free for you to download and use, but it does support ads. Included in the Basic version are 7 categories and 80 information sources. More than sufficient to get you going.

The Plus Version And The Pro Version
Copernic 2001 Plus is a commercial version which will set you back $39.95 and the Pro version $79.95.

In the Pro version, you can schedule automatic updates to searches. The new documents are highlighted, and you can even auto-forward tracking reports via e-mail.

These two commercial versions support 93 categories and more than 1,000 information sources, as well as additional features.

Both the Plus and the Pro versions let you add search engines and categories from the Web site.

You will also appreciate the programs' new document preview bar and the quick search toolbar.

Both Copernic 2001 Plus and Pro will also allow you to customize the settings and search parameters.

This tool is simply indispensable when hunting for Joint Venture deals on the Internet or when searching for anything on the Internet.

Check out the program by downloading it right now by Clicking Here:

There are also two very important things I want you to remember...

First, if you don't get something going, something terrible happens...


Second, realize also that...

"You Don't Have To Get It Perfect...
You Just Have To Get It going!"

Article by Theodore Hansson of Theodore Hansson Co. Let Theodore show you how you too can make Big Money doing Joint Ventures on the Internet... the smart and easy way... even without your own Web site! Click Here for FREE "Joint Venture Profits information".

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